Saturday, June 11, 2011

Triple Layer Banana Cake

We had bought a bunch of bananas because Vivian likes them, but then she got sick and wasn't eating them and it was so hot this week that they were ripening too quickly.
I made a banana bread with some of the bananas but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the rest.

Then I found a Taste of Home recipe for "Triple Layer Banana Cake"
Except I don't have three round cake pans for each layer, I have two.
I thought a square pan might work for the bottom layer or I could try a pie pan.
I decided to go with the pie pan which actually worked out really well and made a nicely rounded top to the cake.
I put all three pans in the oven at once, I'm not sure if I was supposed to do that but they all baked up nicely.

The recipe calls for a peanut butter frosting. But I'm not really crazy about peanut butter and bananas. I prefer my bananas smothered in chocolate and at the bottom of a banana split! :)
So in compromise I made a lesser amount of the peanut butter frosting (no measuring, just eyeballing it and tasting until I got it right) and used that to fill between the layers.
Then I covered the whole cake in chocolate frosting, and added a dash of sprinkles to the top.

Quite the decadent dessert!

So pretty, yum!

My taste testers liked it as well. :)
It is a lighter texture than banana bread and the peanut butter and chocolate frostings go well with both the banana cake and with each other.
So nice to have my girls feeling well enough that they played together and gave me time to make the cake. ;)

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