Saturday, June 04, 2011

Visiting the Grands

Bubbles with Grama! :)
Grama blew the bubbles and the girls chased them down with badminton raquets. :)

Such a beautiful day.
The girls always wear themselves out pretty good at Grama and Granpa's.
All that running around and fresh country air.
Petting and brushing Gizmo the cat...and picking fresh spearmint to give her. (works just like catnip).
Picking buttercups and holding it under their chins to see if they like butter (if it reflects yellow). ;-)
Watching the wide variety of birds that visit Grama's feeders, as versus the plain starlings and sparrows we get at home.
Feeding Granpa a five-course meal of plastic food and eating his hidden candy stores.

Not to mention how Vivian loves Grama's round pillows on her couch that make such good steering wheels and instantly transform the couch into a make-believe bus it was today, a boat. :)

We love visiting Grama and Granpa! :)

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