Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Waiting for the gumdrop trees and gingerbread houses

The girls have been busy potty-training a Carebear.
Shiloh made sure that he/she/it knew to let her know if he had to go potty. At their little lunch party they had with their play food, Vivian advised the Carebear "Only a little lemonade, too much make you pee."
Ah, Carebear is growing up! :)

Shi was wearing her cat mask around the house yesterday and she told me "You know the important reason I wear my mask? I wear it for sunscreen!"
Hmm, doesn't every one? lol
I personally love to go to the beach and see everyone in their suits and Halloween masks. ;-)

Vivi accidentally kicked me, "Did you kick me?!" I asked
She smiled "A love kick. A love kick."
Where does she come up with this stuff?

I've been using Vivian's upcoming birthday as a good reason to "Summer clean" the house. So I've been busy polishing the floors and cupboards, cleaning out the fridge, and cleaning up the toy room.
It's actually been going so well that I was thinking of doing a deep cleaning around each member of my family's birthday since they all are approximately three months apart.
Makes it an easy way for me to remember and have a set timeline.
Though I might skip timing it around my own birthday, I mean that's not a fun way to celebrate for me! ;)

Yesterday we went outside for a bit. It was much cooler and a rather nice change.
Despite the hail and storms that we've had, the garden is doing quite well.
The bean bushes have flowers and there are already tiny green tomatoes on our cherry tomato bush.
Everything else is doing well also.
I spent awhile trimming back a fire bush near our garage. Not the ideal time of year for trimming but it was now blocking our garage window.
Then the girls and I raked up all the branches into a nice pile....now what DH will do with the pile I'm not sure. lol
We also had to fill up our hummingbird feeder, for the third time this year already!
Thirsty little birds, but the flowering bushes that they love haven't blossomed yet.

One of the ice cream trucks went past our house the other day, and it had a bubble machine on the back!!
It was so cute to see the entire street filled with floating bubbles as it passed by.
Sort of felt like we were in some storybook children's land for a minute!

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