Thursday, June 09, 2011

What a week

It has been a rough week!
Vivian had a fever of 103 degrees yesterday, while the temperature outside reached 100 degrees also!
She was miserable, make that MISERABLE!
We had some storms come through in the afternoon but they didn't cool the day too much. Then at 7pm. the power went out.:(
I rushed to get the girls ready for bed and laundry put away and everything picked up before it got too dark in the house.
The bedrooms were just sweltering hot so I settled the girls on the couch and loveseat and laid down near them until they fell asleep.

I had to ban Rory (the hamster) to the bathroom though since she's just too noisy on her flying saucer and we couldn't sleep.
After another attack on Rory, Cinderella has her own permanent bin now. She's quieter though (since she doesn't have her own wheel yet) so she was able to stay.

Both girls were sweating in their sleep and I was worried about Vivian's fever returning (though I gave her some medicine before bed) so I ended up fanning them by hand with a magazine off and on until the night became cooler.
I appreciate fans so much more now! lol
DH and I camped out in the living room with the girls. It was just too hot in the bedrooms.
It was after midnight when two huge power trucks came down our street and got the power restored. Yay!
So we were able to all go back to our comfortable beds and finally get some real sleep.

This morning Vivian's temperature was and stayed in the 99 range.
She still feels miserable though and now has quite the raw nose from wiping it so much.
I had to go out for groceries but she was so clingy and just feeling bad and wanting Mama, that I waited for her nap time and then DH watched both girls.
There was another thunderstorm warning but I didn't have much choice of what time I could choose to go out.

I had three stops, in the first store it thundered and poured rain...heavy rain, I though the store was going to lose power.
DH called me because Vivi woke and was upset and wanting me. :(
But it stopped raining and I stayed dry getting in and out of the car to my second stop.
In the second store, a few minutes of shopping and it came down again just pounding on the store roof.
I rushed through shopping and DH called to tell me it was hailing like crazy at home, Vivian was scared and wanted her Mama.:(
 I was only a mile and a half away so I went outside with dread that my truck was going to be all dented by hail but it had stopped raining and apparently hadn't hailed at all though I did get my legs and sandals soaked in the giant puddles!

Vivi had calmed down so I made it to my last errand and went home.
I could see the line of where the hail had been, tree branches and leaves everywhere!
But it hadn't come where I was shopping.
There were still piles of hail when I got home, and even though it was hot and humid some of the hailstones were still quarter-sized!

Then I was unloading the groceries and I shut Vivi's arm in the refrigerator door.

She stuck her hand/arm in the back of the door when I was putting things in.
She has two possible bruises, it's hard to tell but doesn't look too bad.
Is this week done yet?

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