Friday, July 29, 2011

Be flat

I had two appointments to go to yesterday.
DH was staying home with the girls so I decided to dress up a bit. I wore pants because my legs are all bruised up due to banging my shin on the bathtub faucet and even more recently clunking my knee trying to climb onto the counter...very ungracefully.
Bruised up shins were not something I wanted on display!
I usually avoid heels since I often am carrying a child around, but yesterday I asked DH if he could find me a pair (we store extra shoes in the basement).
He found some and Shiloh wore them around our laundry room most of the morning. :)

Then I was off to my first appointment of the day. The dentists!
Vivian was quite determined that she was going to go with me. She set her little Diego sneakers right by my heels so she would be ready fast.
When I kissed her goodbye, little eyes started welling up with Mama whipped out the cookie bin and all was good again.
I hate going to the dentists. The smell really gets to me. I counteract it by putting perfume on my nose and upper lip before I go and that helps a bit.
They scrubbed and polished and even took a couple teeth off their "watch list". Yay!
The hygienist commented that she could tell I eat a healthy diet from the condition of my teeth.
Yep, like I've always said, Chocolate does a body good! ;-)

Home for a bit then off to my next appointment. My first mammogram!
A little mammogram humor here "Go get your Mammies Grammed" :)
I had never even been to this hospital (where my appointment was) before but I was surprised that it is closer than the hospital that I am familiar with!
I had to do a bit of walking in the hospital though. First I walked to the mammography area, then they sent me all the way to registration, and then I had to walk back to mammography again.
Heels are not the best choice for hospital walking, I must say. They slip on waxed floors and make a racket! My little toes were not happy with me by the time I left....but they looked fabulous! lol

My Dr. had detected a "nodule" or thickening not a lump/bump etc. They decided to do an ultrasound first and maybe not do a mammogram because of my age.
I'd much rather look at babies on ultrasounds. Breasts are boring. Breasts look like bacon...seriously. Like looking at bacon on the screen.
Bacon doesn't wave, or suck their thumb...or even have thumbs. Boring.
They couldn't find anything on the ultrasound.
I was all "yay that's great! bye!".
Then the radiologist decided to go ahead with the mammogram. boo! :(

"I went and got my mammogram, and all I got was this lousy sticker."
The put the sticker on the suspected "problem" area. You feel really glamorous having a sticker there. Trust me.
The squishing was not painful to me, though I could see how it would be for some women. You just really don't think you could be squished that flat...that it's physically possible.
The most annoying thing to me was that the lady would say "Don't breathe!" and I'd be turning blue until she could tell me to breathe again.
You gotta warn somebody so they can take a breath first!
 I'd end up holding my breath prepared for her to say it and as soon as I'd exhale then she'd say it.
All in all though, it went pretty smoothly.

Then I went home and we went shopping. I wanted to pick up some fabrics but I wasn't happy with the selection. I found a nice soft blue fabric that I would need 4 yards of to complete a project.
They had less than a yard available. :-P
Shiloh needed to choose some buttons for her sweater that I'm knitting and they had a nice variety. She liked these pretty jewel-like ones.
So Shiloh. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden of ?

The garden has a mind of its own I think.
Today I found this green gourd. Hmm... So do I have green acorn squash and white ones? I think my sister's theory, that the seeds were mixed in the packet, is a good one!
Or maybe this is something that garden just decided to toss out there to confuse me.
One of my zucchini plants doesn't seem to be doing anything the other one took over production, it seems.
We also found that some cherry tomatoes were ready for picking and a nice bunch of beans.
The girls were quite excited, they've absolutely loved the beans. :)
Now we get to see if they like cherry tomatoes.
I love tomatoes sliced up with a little Italian dressing. I might try that with the cherry tomatoes...
I'd like to mix a little into a pasta salad too, but I'd like to know that the girls like them first.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When it cools down..

When it cools's a good time to turn on the oven. :)
I like to stock my freezer so that when the weather is so hot, I can just pull out a meal or bread etc. and not have to heat up my kitchen.
Our recent long-running heat waves really depleted my stock.
It was nice and cool, even a bit chilly, last night so I put my oven to work.
I made a double batch of tuna noodle casserole (not for freezing) and peanut butter oatmeal cookies....

I also baked two loaves of zucchini bread. I have different sized pans so that is why one loaf is so much smaller than the other.
I froze most of the cookies and both loaves of the zucchini bread.
But then the girls kept pestering me for some bread.
Shiloh: "can we have the bread that you make with the green things from the garden? Can we have the bread that is very good and has the things that we picked from the garden?" lol
So I had to take one loaf back out of the freezer. :)

The worst part is the dishes...all the dishes. So many dishes. This is the third sinkful of dishes I did during my bake-fest.
I'm trying to dry/save zucchini seeds again this year.
Last year's batch developed mold so I'm going to make sure these are super dry before I store them.
I just started working on knitting Shiloh's sweater now.
I finally had to put Vivian's sweater away because she kept insisting on wearing it around and saying "i warm now!".
Since it was 80+ in the house, wearing a sweater didn't seem like such a good idea. :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Put the sweat in sweater...

 I finished Vivian's sweater this evening. :) Yahoo!
 She loves it and despite the sweltering temperatures here, she's still wearing it!
She has it on over her pj's. Hopefully she doesn't fall asleep in it...

...Oops, spoke too soon!

Just as I was finishing up putting buttons on the sweater, I felt a slight stingy on my shoulder.
I swatted at it.
Ugh! Ack! Eek!
I "think" maybe it's just some type of moth (missing its wings). Something turned to a powdery mess when I whacked it but I've never had a moth feel like stinging. I had a light on behind me so it makes sense if it was something flying to the light.
I think this heat brings out all these odd bugs. :-p
I started to search and try to find out what it was but it was making me too itchy and feeling like things were crawling on me.

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's so hot that...

...the neighbors are skinny dipping! :-P
"Hey, Viv! What are you looking at out the window?"

It was just sweltering yesterday!
We went shopping in the afternoon and when we came out our truck read 104!
We had a nice dinner out at "Ruby Tuesday". We haven't been there in fact I don't think the girls have ever been there.
For some reason Shiloh was quite confused and thought it was Applebees that had remodeled or something.
She kept saying "Why does Applebees look like this now?"
"This is not Applebees.""Why does Friendly's look like this now?"
"This is not Friendly's. It's called Ruby Tuesday"
"Is this Applebees and Friendly's together?"

Our house was HOT when we got back. The fans weren't helping at all...just swirling hot air everywhere.
So we had to camp out around our AC for the night.
I popped a few ice cubes in the fish tank and checked on the hamsters before we went to sleep. Rory was running around normally but I decided to leave her lid off her bin to keep it cooler in there. I just took down anything she might use to climb out on.
Then I checked on Cinderella and she was flat on the bottom of her cage.
It's a way for them to cool themselves, they flatten themselves as much as they can on the bottom.
What concerned me was that she barely lifted her head to look at me when I opened her bin. Normally she would scurry around. Her bin is too low for me to leave the top off so I know it heats more than Rory's.
So we put her bin on the basement steps for the night.
I checked on her this morning and she running around like normal (yay!) but I think I'll keep her down there today since it's supposed to be hot again.

Just my bit of random....banana people are weird.
The sticker won't even come off of the banana. You know, not that I tried or anything...
Someone with the banana peel on their head, now that might be funny.
Just ask my girls. :)
There is an episode of "Tom & Jerry" where the banana peel lands on Tom's head and Vivi thinks it's hysterical.
"banana head! hahaha! banana head!" lol

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vampire squash...and other stuff

It looks like Bunnicula has been visiting my garden.
You know, the bunny vampire that sucks the juice out of vegetables...Bunnicula!
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of artichokes?"  :)

My acorn squash is white, very very white.
I didn't know they came in white, but they do...they actually come in several pretty colors.
I can't find the seed packet to compare the name with white varieties.
I do know it had a picture of a dark-green acorn squash on the cover, hmmm.

I cut my hair myself the other day...again.
It's hard to cut the back myself when it's short, but I think I did pretty well.
I didn't even curl it just laid that way! I don't know how...but Ta da! lol
I also cut DH's hair and then Vivi got her bangs trimmed and I evened up the back of her hair. It was her first real haircut and I kept putting it off, but she had this long straggly piece in the back and it was starting to bother me.
It's still long but it looks much better...especially since she doesn't like her hair done-up very often.

As long as I was in the bathroom taking pictures of my haircut, I thought I would also show you the beautiful hand-towel I found at "Joann's Fabric".
I just love it!
It's making me dream of soft powder-blue cushions on my couch and some chocolate brown and blue accents in there.

I am redoing the second sleeve of Vivian's sweater. It was about halfway done when I realized an error and how it was going to affect the look of the sleeve, so I'm doing it correctly now and trying to focus on it a little better.
At least I've really got the pattern down now so it's actually zipping along.

Today is our 8th Anniversary. :)
I made a cake last night, I wanted to write on the top with the frosting but it was just way too hot for that. The frosting was not going to cooperate!
So instead I settled for decorating with sprinkles and we put nine candles (one to grow on!) on top and sang a very off-key "Happy Anniversary" the tune of Happy Birthday, and let the girls blow out the candles. :)

I didn't start the day off too well. Vivi woke me in the wee hours of the morning and as soon as I got up (too quickly, I think) my head just started pounding!
She's getting her last molar in now, and she's been a bit out of sorts.
But it's her last molar! Her last one! hahahahaha!
And it's actually already started to cut through!!! yay!

I brought the girls downstairs this morning, fed them and sent them out to the porch to play while I laid on the couch and waited for my Excedrin to kick in.
DH came downstairs and I overheard Shiloh tell him "We're being quiet. Mama is layin' on the couch 'cause she has a headache from all the screaming."

Just a cute picture to finish up my post.
Princess Rory...once upon a dream.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The cleaning and scrubbing....

"The cleaning and scrubbing can't wait til tomorrow...."
"My girlies are helping, sorry but you may not borrow..."

"While babies are lovely, and I miss watching mine sleep..."
"My daughters are priceless, and well....babies don't sweep!" :)

Just a little fun on our cleaning day. :)

Both girls were quite busy helping me today.
I received a free Swiffer duster...and I haven't even had a chance to try it out.
Vivian has claimed it (as it goes with a lot of my freebies!) and she loves it.
She keeps leaving it in the middle of the floor, but every time I put it away she asks for it. "where my yellow ting go?"

Maybe she's keeping it at hand for a dusting emergency?

Though the only dusting emergency I can think of is when you're cleaning and find a spider hiding in your ironing board, and the duster didn't help with that.
Uh, I mean not that it happened this morning or anything...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Say cheesy

We went out to the garden this morning and picked the two largest zucchini, and then took pictures.
Two kids both looking at the camera and smiling (make that smiling normally!).
Dream on! lol

Take five...
Take eight....
Everyone wants me to get baking now...but it's so hot out already!
Shiloh has been hinting about wanting a cake.
"I love cake! You make good cakes, Mom."
"You make lots of different cakes, don't you Mom?"
"Maybe you could make a cake now, Mom?"
"You could make a cake and then we could eat it!?" ;-)

I wonder if I can get away with just making Jello?? Maybe....

The knitted jacket I'm working on now has a sleeve! :)

I was asking Vivian today what different body parts are used for, like ears are for hearing and eyes are for seeing.
Shiloh started chiming in so I asked her some harder ones.
"What are your knees for?"
"Umm...for putting my body together?" :)
"What is your hair for?"
"For my head!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Another hot day.
It started to heat up pretty early today.
The girls and I decided to go out and check on our garden and pick beans around 8:30am...before it really got hot out.

Check out my zucchini!
They have a bit of a slug problem so I had to spray for that. I only have two zucchini plants that have survived but I counted eight zucchini on the way.
I know not all will make it to maturity but I think these two plants will supply us well!
Our garden.
Then the girls wanted to ride their bikes. There was a nice (albeit warm) breeze outside so it actually felt cooler than indoors.
DH came out to join us.
Shiloh kept getting stuck in the cracks of the concrete so he discovered that her tires were getting a little soft.
He took care of that for her.
Then he asked me if I wanted to join him in a little game of badminton.
We don't have a net, just a few racquets, and shuttles and little children running around us that you have to be aware of.

Now you might not think I'd be telling you the truth if I said that in a little 30 minute game...He managed to break a racquet, loose a flipflop, shoot three shuttles into the pool, and get two shuttles stuck on the roof.
Umm, Oh and one of shuttles that got stuck on the roof, was behind him and happened while he was serving...

Then his dear sweet wife pulled out her trusty camera. :-D
It only took a lawn chair and a broom to get this shuttle down.

But we had to wait until the wind blew the other shuttle down this afternoon before we could retrieve it.
In his was breezy.
Oh, and the shuttles were wet...and there were kids around...
He makes me lol, for eight years now! ;-D

I got some more knitting done today. I had to pick up stitches (which I dislike) and the sleeves are supposed to be knit on two sets of circular needles.
I only have one, but I've been making due and it's working out alright.
I'd much prefer to just make two separate sleeves and then sew them on afterwards but this seamless sleeve will probably be really nice.
It's like a vest right now. I tried it on both the girls and it fits well.
I'm making it for Vivian but in a size 4 so she'll get enough use out of it to make it worth the work. :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm a little teapot...

Hot and Humid day today.
Ugh, this weather doesn't make me feel great. I had a migraine and just off and on ill feeling all day. Too muggy for me!

I took the girls out shopping to Wal-Mart and Target. I had household necessities to pick-up but mostly it was to get out of the house and enjoy the nice AC of the stores.
For fun - My too big shorts almost fell down with Vivi's tugging and she made me take her to the restroom at least three times without doing anything. Also just FYI, it's not so smart to wear white when you have a child sitting in the seat of the shopping cart with little feet swinging against your legs...
But I got to pick up my free bodywash. I was able to get a free coupon on Facebook. Yippee! :)
I think I mostly love Facebook for the freebies! ;-)

I got a Neti pot in the mail today.
The girls love opening my freebie packages and Vivi instantly claimed the Neti pot.
She says it is a watering can and has been pretending to water everything in the house...she wants to do the outside garden too.
It looks like a watering can or teapot to me too, and perfect sized for her.
She's been carrying it everywhere, singing "i waterin' every ting! i waterin' every ting!"

I've been doing pretty well with my knitting.
This is the knitting all laid out. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this bulky yarn.
It's not easy to work with, but at least it's soft and so it's easy on the hands.
I'm sewing the shoulder seams next...maybe tonight? Then I have to work on sleeves and finish it up with buttons.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Mall trip

We went to a Mall the other day.
I can't even remember the last time we went to a mall. It's been awhile!
I'm not really a mall shopper anymore.
I don't care for the fact that I had a list of groceries and house supplies that I needed and couldn't find stores at the mall (this mall anyways) where I could get those items.
They did have a nice Dollar store though, I found all of this there!
Some fun fur yarn (not sure of the quality), sunglasses for Shi (her last pair lost a screw), a fairy craft kit and they had a good variety of beads there so I let Shi pick out which beads she wanted so we can have a craft of making necklaces and bracelets and so on.

We also stopped into the pet store at the Mall and found that they had one last "Silent Spinner" there. It was the perfect size for our Robo hamsters and the price was great too. I had only found them online before and the shipping costs were more than the spinner itself!
Here is a picture. The "Silent Spinner" is the white and blue wheel.
Wow, it is amazing!! It is totally silent!
Rory was running on it and you couldn't tell. I thought she was just sitting on it because it was so quiet.
I love it!
The flying saucer is pretty quiet as well, but Rory is just so crazy-active that we could hear the low rumbling from the saucer even when we were upstairs.
She also runs so intensely and so much that the flying saucer would end up moving next to sides and started carving grooves into her plastic bin! (That is why I had to make the lovely cardboard wall set-up)

Now that Rory has the spinner, I gave the green saucer to Cinderella.
Cinderella is a much more calmer hamster and only exercises for a few minutes at a time and she doesn't run like her tail is on fire so it is much quieter, much much quieter now in our house.
Well, at night anyways! lol, Whoo hoo!

The girls enjoyed our trip to the mall, from watching the water fountains to seeing the animals at the pet store. :)
We brought the stroller for Vivi and she rode in that all day. I wasn't sure if she'd want to use it or not but I thought we might run into her nap time and they are great to have with you to hold the packages and diaper bag, snacks and drinks.

Shiloh was fascinated with the signs everywhere and she was reading everything. I told DH that we had to watch what we stood next to because she was going to read it!
"Why does this one say Women and this one say Men, Mom?"
"That sign says For Kids, Mom! What's For Kids? I am a kid and Vivian is a kid."
"This sign says "Home", why does the sign just say "Home", Mom?"
"Mom! That sign says "PETS"! Mom! MOM! It says PETS!"

We went to a "99 Steakhouse" for dinner. It was very nice and at the end of our meal they informed us that a certain team had won the night before and they had a promotion going that kids got to eat free the next day if the team won. So the girls got free meals!
I didn't even know what sport the team was playing. lol

The girls also got ice cream sandwiches included at the end of their meal. The girls didn't care for them though, too messy.
Vivi only ate a bite or two then had me scrub her hands clean. I didn't want her eating much anyways because of the dairy.
Shi ate about half and gave the rest to her Daddy...who didn't like it either.
Good to know before I bought a box! ;)

The girls and I worked on the fairy craft kit today. There were enough materials to make five fairies, so they each made two and I made one. :)

Vivian's two fairies...
Shiloh's fairies...
My fairy...she has a mix of yellow and brow hair because there wasn't enough of just one color after the girls wanted their fairies to have "Rapunzel" hair. :)
The girls have played quite a bit with their little fairies.
They are the perfect size to ride little ponies or take care of a Littlest pet. :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fish crave power

Reach for the sky!

I've seen a lot of Easter cactuses, but I've never seen one reach for the sun like this!
Poor sun-starved plant!
It looks more like an underwater sea plant, rather than a cactus.
I moved it out into our sunny front porch and it has thrived in the hot-house conditions.
Tons of new leaves, I'm still waiting for flower buds though.
It was looking rather sad before we repotted and relocated it looks like it will soon be outgrowing its new pot!

Our power went out today with the summer storms. We had quite a downpour!
Fortunately it was only out for a couple hours but wow, the house heated up fast!
We all took a cool the semi-darkness of the storms.
It wasn't dark enough to really need a flashlight but still rather dim.
I had to run down to the basement for our oil lamp since I didn't know how long this power outage would last.
We've had quite a few this summer!

Shiloh kept informing me that Tomick (goldfish) was not happy because he didn't have any bubbles in his tank, from the aerator.
I went to give him an ice cube to drop in his tank, to cool it down and "make him happy" but my ice maker doesn't work in power outages...and it takes some time standing with the freezer door open, to access the ice bin.
So poor Tomick had to be unhappy for a couple hours.
He did get his ice cube as soon as the power came back on though. ;)

I had to do some sewing on a few of DH's clothes. My sewing kit was next to me and I kept telling the girls not to touch everything because I wasn't sure if there was a stray needle in there.
Finally Shiloh looks at me and says "Mom, I'm trying to find a way to play with all this without making you shout..." ;-)

Vivi slept through the night last night, yay!

The girls helped me prepare the green beans yesterday for cooking.
Then I zapped the beans in the microwave, and seasoned them with a little butter, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese.
I've been talking to the girls about how healthy vegetables are and how they help them to grow big and strong. I think picking and helping to prepare the veggies helps as well.
They both asked for beans to eat. :)
Shiloh said "I feel so healthy now, I can pick up Vivian!"
Then Vivi asked for more beans to eat. lol

"I'm strong to the finich, cause I eats me spinach..." - Popeye the Sailor Man

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th!

Beautiful weather today for Independence day!
So sunny but with a nice cooling breeze too.
We picked another bunch of green beans this morning. Our third batch. :)
The acorn squash is now blossoming....and trying to take over the garden.
It grows very much like pumpkin and sends out these vines and tendrils everywhere.
I haven't had to weed much, but detaching the squash vines from choking the other plants is something that has to be done every few days.

The girls spent a lot of time splashing in their pool. Vivian has started enjoying it more and more and actually she was the first one in the pool today!
That's amazing because she even refuses to go into the bathtub first!
She even went down the little slide today. I helped her the first time and after that she went up and down it all by herself.
Then she slipped and went face first into the water.
I scooped her up fast but I thought that was going to be the end of her enjoying the pool.
Nope, she sputtered a little and climbed right back up the slide again!

She's still not been sleeping great. I took off her amber necklace yesterday to see if it really is her teeth bothering her, but none of the times that she woke did she complain of her teeth or really anything it's likely just dreams or something.
Lately she's been drooling in her sleep though which she never did before. It's likely teething related even if she's not in pain, and so far most every time she's woken it's because she's drooled and she's crying because her face is wet and she needs me to wipe it.

It was windy enough that Shiloh's hat blew off a few times. It kept landing in the water and then she'd put the dripping wet hat back on her head. It was quite comical. :D

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy Holiday weekend

We kicked off the weekend with a Holiday breakfast!
Gingerbread waffles with strawberries and sprinkled with "snow" (confectioners' sugar - not pictured).
I did not say which holiday after
My taste buds are on a different timeline, craving pumpkin pie and gingerbread in July! :)

This was my first attempt at making Gingerbread waffles. They came out great!
I think they are my favorite version now.
The recipe called for buttermilk but I don't like the taste of buttermilk much and I had Almond milk that I needed to use up.
I was a little nervous about that switch since buttermilk is sour and Almond milk is sweet but they came out delicious!
The smell of molasses is quite gross to me though. It's been years and years since I've smelled it and it startled me a bit! I mean how is something so yucky smelling going to make good-tasting food? But it did! :)

The girls and I spent some time this afternoon lounging around the pool...ah, the life! :)
Vivi was actually enjoying herself this time!

I started a knitting project....well since I have two children, it will be two projects. :)
Seems like it should be a winter hobby, but I usually start a project in the summer.
I don't know why but it seems like I have more free time then.

Saw the baby bunny again yesterday, under my tomatoes.
Nooo...I didn't name him. I don't name varmints that eat my garden up.
I mean, if he tells you that his name is MacGregor...then what are you going to do? Hmm?

Took the girls to the grocery store today.
Ugh, what crowds and traffic! I'm not sure I wanted donuts that badly...uh, well then again maybe I did. lol
Shiloh spotted a beautiful rainbow right in the middle of the sky on a sunny day, it was so unusual and pretty!
I didn't get to admire it much since I was traversing the parking lot and that takes full concentration...especially around here!

After all, my truck was almost hit by a bunch of carts at Target the other day!
One of their employees was pushing a huge line of carts and lost control of the first five or so. I had just pulled into the lane to find a parking spot and suddenly there were all these carts hurtling toward me.
So I had to floor it and I do mean floor it, and they just barely missed me.
I kind of felt sorry for the employee though, they kept looking at my truck like they were so sure that I was going to fly out in a rage and give them an earful and another employee came out and was talking to them and gesturing towards my vehicle as well.

Vivian has been having some really rough nights sleep-wise. She still has that last molar to come through, but as far as I can see it's not doing much.
Today she played in the pool and ran around and skipped her nap, I'm hoping she is exhausted and manages to sleep through! 

She's been keeping me busy in the daytime too.
From having to rescue Squinkies from her Barbie potty, or digging "Littlest Pet Shop" food out of the throat of a rubber chicken that she decided to feed!
I can't believe how observant she is though.
Tonight she sat beside me with her "Littlest Pet Shop" double-sided food dish and was pretending that it was a contact holder and she was putting contacts in like she sees me!
Yeah, just a little too much like Mommy!