Friday, July 29, 2011

Be flat

I had two appointments to go to yesterday.
DH was staying home with the girls so I decided to dress up a bit. I wore pants because my legs are all bruised up due to banging my shin on the bathtub faucet and even more recently clunking my knee trying to climb onto the counter...very ungracefully.
Bruised up shins were not something I wanted on display!
I usually avoid heels since I often am carrying a child around, but yesterday I asked DH if he could find me a pair (we store extra shoes in the basement).
He found some and Shiloh wore them around our laundry room most of the morning. :)

Then I was off to my first appointment of the day. The dentists!
Vivian was quite determined that she was going to go with me. She set her little Diego sneakers right by my heels so she would be ready fast.
When I kissed her goodbye, little eyes started welling up with Mama whipped out the cookie bin and all was good again.
I hate going to the dentists. The smell really gets to me. I counteract it by putting perfume on my nose and upper lip before I go and that helps a bit.
They scrubbed and polished and even took a couple teeth off their "watch list". Yay!
The hygienist commented that she could tell I eat a healthy diet from the condition of my teeth.
Yep, like I've always said, Chocolate does a body good! ;-)

Home for a bit then off to my next appointment. My first mammogram!
A little mammogram humor here "Go get your Mammies Grammed" :)
I had never even been to this hospital (where my appointment was) before but I was surprised that it is closer than the hospital that I am familiar with!
I had to do a bit of walking in the hospital though. First I walked to the mammography area, then they sent me all the way to registration, and then I had to walk back to mammography again.
Heels are not the best choice for hospital walking, I must say. They slip on waxed floors and make a racket! My little toes were not happy with me by the time I left....but they looked fabulous! lol

My Dr. had detected a "nodule" or thickening not a lump/bump etc. They decided to do an ultrasound first and maybe not do a mammogram because of my age.
I'd much rather look at babies on ultrasounds. Breasts are boring. Breasts look like bacon...seriously. Like looking at bacon on the screen.
Bacon doesn't wave, or suck their thumb...or even have thumbs. Boring.
They couldn't find anything on the ultrasound.
I was all "yay that's great! bye!".
Then the radiologist decided to go ahead with the mammogram. boo! :(

"I went and got my mammogram, and all I got was this lousy sticker."
The put the sticker on the suspected "problem" area. You feel really glamorous having a sticker there. Trust me.
The squishing was not painful to me, though I could see how it would be for some women. You just really don't think you could be squished that flat...that it's physically possible.
The most annoying thing to me was that the lady would say "Don't breathe!" and I'd be turning blue until she could tell me to breathe again.
You gotta warn somebody so they can take a breath first!
 I'd end up holding my breath prepared for her to say it and as soon as I'd exhale then she'd say it.
All in all though, it went pretty smoothly.

Then I went home and we went shopping. I wanted to pick up some fabrics but I wasn't happy with the selection. I found a nice soft blue fabric that I would need 4 yards of to complete a project.
They had less than a yard available. :-P
Shiloh needed to choose some buttons for her sweater that I'm knitting and they had a nice variety. She liked these pretty jewel-like ones.
So Shiloh. :)

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