Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Another hot day.
It started to heat up pretty early today.
The girls and I decided to go out and check on our garden and pick beans around 8:30am...before it really got hot out.

Check out my zucchini!
They have a bit of a slug problem so I had to spray for that. I only have two zucchini plants that have survived but I counted eight zucchini on the way.
I know not all will make it to maturity but I think these two plants will supply us well!
Our garden.
Then the girls wanted to ride their bikes. There was a nice (albeit warm) breeze outside so it actually felt cooler than indoors.
DH came out to join us.
Shiloh kept getting stuck in the cracks of the concrete so he discovered that her tires were getting a little soft.
He took care of that for her.
Then he asked me if I wanted to join him in a little game of badminton.
We don't have a net, just a few racquets, and shuttles and little children running around us that you have to be aware of.

Now you might not think I'd be telling you the truth if I said that in a little 30 minute game...He managed to break a racquet, loose a flipflop, shoot three shuttles into the pool, and get two shuttles stuck on the roof.
Umm, Oh and one of shuttles that got stuck on the roof, was behind him and happened while he was serving...

Then his dear sweet wife pulled out her trusty camera. :-D
It only took a lawn chair and a broom to get this shuttle down.

But we had to wait until the wind blew the other shuttle down this afternoon before we could retrieve it.
In his defense...it was breezy.
Oh, and the shuttles were wet...and there were kids around...
He makes me lol, for eight years now! ;-D

I got some more knitting done today. I had to pick up stitches (which I dislike) and the sleeves are supposed to be knit on two sets of circular needles.
I only have one, but I've been making due and it's working out alright.
I'd much prefer to just make two separate sleeves and then sew them on afterwards but this seamless sleeve will probably be really nice.
It's like a vest right now. I tried it on both the girls and it fits well.
I'm making it for Vivian but in a size 4 so she'll get enough use out of it to make it worth the work. :)

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