Saturday, July 16, 2011

The cleaning and scrubbing....

"The cleaning and scrubbing can't wait til tomorrow...."
"My girlies are helping, sorry but you may not borrow..."

"While babies are lovely, and I miss watching mine sleep..."
"My daughters are priceless, and well....babies don't sweep!" :)

Just a little fun on our cleaning day. :)

Both girls were quite busy helping me today.
I received a free Swiffer duster...and I haven't even had a chance to try it out.
Vivian has claimed it (as it goes with a lot of my freebies!) and she loves it.
She keeps leaving it in the middle of the floor, but every time I put it away she asks for it. "where my yellow ting go?"

Maybe she's keeping it at hand for a dusting emergency?

Though the only dusting emergency I can think of is when you're cleaning and find a spider hiding in your ironing board, and the duster didn't help with that.
Uh, I mean not that it happened this morning or anything...

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