Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fish crave power

Reach for the sky!

I've seen a lot of Easter cactuses, but I've never seen one reach for the sun like this!
Poor sun-starved plant!
It looks more like an underwater sea plant, rather than a cactus.
I moved it out into our sunny front porch and it has thrived in the hot-house conditions.
Tons of new leaves, I'm still waiting for flower buds though.
It was looking rather sad before we repotted and relocated it looks like it will soon be outgrowing its new pot!

Our power went out today with the summer storms. We had quite a downpour!
Fortunately it was only out for a couple hours but wow, the house heated up fast!
We all took a cool the semi-darkness of the storms.
It wasn't dark enough to really need a flashlight but still rather dim.
I had to run down to the basement for our oil lamp since I didn't know how long this power outage would last.
We've had quite a few this summer!

Shiloh kept informing me that Tomick (goldfish) was not happy because he didn't have any bubbles in his tank, from the aerator.
I went to give him an ice cube to drop in his tank, to cool it down and "make him happy" but my ice maker doesn't work in power outages...and it takes some time standing with the freezer door open, to access the ice bin.
So poor Tomick had to be unhappy for a couple hours.
He did get his ice cube as soon as the power came back on though. ;)

I had to do some sewing on a few of DH's clothes. My sewing kit was next to me and I kept telling the girls not to touch everything because I wasn't sure if there was a stray needle in there.
Finally Shiloh looks at me and says "Mom, I'm trying to find a way to play with all this without making you shout..." ;-)

Vivi slept through the night last night, yay!

The girls helped me prepare the green beans yesterday for cooking.
Then I zapped the beans in the microwave, and seasoned them with a little butter, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese.
I've been talking to the girls about how healthy vegetables are and how they help them to grow big and strong. I think picking and helping to prepare the veggies helps as well.
They both asked for beans to eat. :)
Shiloh said "I feel so healthy now, I can pick up Vivian!"
Then Vivi asked for more beans to eat. lol

"I'm strong to the finich, cause I eats me spinach..." - Popeye the Sailor Man

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