Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden of ?

The garden has a mind of its own I think.
Today I found this green gourd. Hmm... So do I have green acorn squash and white ones? I think my sister's theory, that the seeds were mixed in the packet, is a good one!
Or maybe this is something that garden just decided to toss out there to confuse me.
One of my zucchini plants doesn't seem to be doing anything the other one took over production, it seems.
We also found that some cherry tomatoes were ready for picking and a nice bunch of beans.
The girls were quite excited, they've absolutely loved the beans. :)
Now we get to see if they like cherry tomatoes.
I love tomatoes sliced up with a little Italian dressing. I might try that with the cherry tomatoes...
I'd like to mix a little into a pasta salad too, but I'd like to know that the girls like them first.

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