Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th!

Beautiful weather today for Independence day!
So sunny but with a nice cooling breeze too.
We picked another bunch of green beans this morning. Our third batch. :)
The acorn squash is now blossoming....and trying to take over the garden.
It grows very much like pumpkin and sends out these vines and tendrils everywhere.
I haven't had to weed much, but detaching the squash vines from choking the other plants is something that has to be done every few days.

The girls spent a lot of time splashing in their pool. Vivian has started enjoying it more and more and actually she was the first one in the pool today!
That's amazing because she even refuses to go into the bathtub first!
She even went down the little slide today. I helped her the first time and after that she went up and down it all by herself.
Then she slipped and went face first into the water.
I scooped her up fast but I thought that was going to be the end of her enjoying the pool.
Nope, she sputtered a little and climbed right back up the slide again!

She's still not been sleeping great. I took off her amber necklace yesterday to see if it really is her teeth bothering her, but none of the times that she woke did she complain of her teeth or really anything it's likely just dreams or something.
Lately she's been drooling in her sleep though which she never did before. It's likely teething related even if she's not in pain, and so far most every time she's woken it's because she's drooled and she's crying because her face is wet and she needs me to wipe it.

It was windy enough that Shiloh's hat blew off a few times. It kept landing in the water and then she'd put the dripping wet hat back on her head. It was quite comical. :D

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