Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy Holiday weekend

We kicked off the weekend with a Holiday breakfast!
Gingerbread waffles with strawberries and sprinkled with "snow" (confectioners' sugar - not pictured).
I did not say which holiday after
My taste buds are on a different timeline, craving pumpkin pie and gingerbread in July! :)

This was my first attempt at making Gingerbread waffles. They came out great!
I think they are my favorite version now.
The recipe called for buttermilk but I don't like the taste of buttermilk much and I had Almond milk that I needed to use up.
I was a little nervous about that switch since buttermilk is sour and Almond milk is sweet but they came out delicious!
The smell of molasses is quite gross to me though. It's been years and years since I've smelled it and it startled me a bit! I mean how is something so yucky smelling going to make good-tasting food? But it did! :)

The girls and I spent some time this afternoon lounging around the pool...ah, the life! :)
Vivi was actually enjoying herself this time!

I started a knitting project....well since I have two children, it will be two projects. :)
Seems like it should be a winter hobby, but I usually start a project in the summer.
I don't know why but it seems like I have more free time then.

Saw the baby bunny again yesterday, under my tomatoes.
Nooo...I didn't name him. I don't name varmints that eat my garden up.
I mean, if he tells you that his name is MacGregor...then what are you going to do? Hmm?

Took the girls to the grocery store today.
Ugh, what crowds and traffic! I'm not sure I wanted donuts that badly...uh, well then again maybe I did. lol
Shiloh spotted a beautiful rainbow right in the middle of the sky on a sunny day, it was so unusual and pretty!
I didn't get to admire it much since I was traversing the parking lot and that takes full concentration...especially around here!

After all, my truck was almost hit by a bunch of carts at Target the other day!
One of their employees was pushing a huge line of carts and lost control of the first five or so. I had just pulled into the lane to find a parking spot and suddenly there were all these carts hurtling toward me.
So I had to floor it and I do mean floor it, and they just barely missed me.
I kind of felt sorry for the employee though, they kept looking at my truck like they were so sure that I was going to fly out in a rage and give them an earful and another employee came out and was talking to them and gesturing towards my vehicle as well.

Vivian has been having some really rough nights sleep-wise. She still has that last molar to come through, but as far as I can see it's not doing much.
Today she played in the pool and ran around and skipped her nap, I'm hoping she is exhausted and manages to sleep through! 

She's been keeping me busy in the daytime too.
From having to rescue Squinkies from her Barbie potty, or digging "Littlest Pet Shop" food out of the throat of a rubber chicken that she decided to feed!
I can't believe how observant she is though.
Tonight she sat beside me with her "Littlest Pet Shop" double-sided food dish and was pretending that it was a contact holder and she was putting contacts in like she sees me!
Yeah, just a little too much like Mommy!

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