Friday, July 22, 2011

It's so hot that...

...the neighbors are skinny dipping! :-P
"Hey, Viv! What are you looking at out the window?"

It was just sweltering yesterday!
We went shopping in the afternoon and when we came out our truck read 104!
We had a nice dinner out at "Ruby Tuesday". We haven't been there in fact I don't think the girls have ever been there.
For some reason Shiloh was quite confused and thought it was Applebees that had remodeled or something.
She kept saying "Why does Applebees look like this now?"
"This is not Applebees.""Why does Friendly's look like this now?"
"This is not Friendly's. It's called Ruby Tuesday"
"Is this Applebees and Friendly's together?"

Our house was HOT when we got back. The fans weren't helping at all...just swirling hot air everywhere.
So we had to camp out around our AC for the night.
I popped a few ice cubes in the fish tank and checked on the hamsters before we went to sleep. Rory was running around normally but I decided to leave her lid off her bin to keep it cooler in there. I just took down anything she might use to climb out on.
Then I checked on Cinderella and she was flat on the bottom of her cage.
It's a way for them to cool themselves, they flatten themselves as much as they can on the bottom.
What concerned me was that she barely lifted her head to look at me when I opened her bin. Normally she would scurry around. Her bin is too low for me to leave the top off so I know it heats more than Rory's.
So we put her bin on the basement steps for the night.
I checked on her this morning and she running around like normal (yay!) but I think I'll keep her down there today since it's supposed to be hot again.

Just my bit of random....banana people are weird.
The sticker won't even come off of the banana. You know, not that I tried or anything...
Someone with the banana peel on their head, now that might be funny.
Just ask my girls. :)
There is an episode of "Tom & Jerry" where the banana peel lands on Tom's head and Vivi thinks it's hysterical.
"banana head! hahaha! banana head!" lol

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