Friday, July 08, 2011

Mall trip

We went to a Mall the other day.
I can't even remember the last time we went to a mall. It's been awhile!
I'm not really a mall shopper anymore.
I don't care for the fact that I had a list of groceries and house supplies that I needed and couldn't find stores at the mall (this mall anyways) where I could get those items.
They did have a nice Dollar store though, I found all of this there!
Some fun fur yarn (not sure of the quality), sunglasses for Shi (her last pair lost a screw), a fairy craft kit and they had a good variety of beads there so I let Shi pick out which beads she wanted so we can have a craft of making necklaces and bracelets and so on.

We also stopped into the pet store at the Mall and found that they had one last "Silent Spinner" there. It was the perfect size for our Robo hamsters and the price was great too. I had only found them online before and the shipping costs were more than the spinner itself!
Here is a picture. The "Silent Spinner" is the white and blue wheel.
Wow, it is amazing!! It is totally silent!
Rory was running on it and you couldn't tell. I thought she was just sitting on it because it was so quiet.
I love it!
The flying saucer is pretty quiet as well, but Rory is just so crazy-active that we could hear the low rumbling from the saucer even when we were upstairs.
She also runs so intensely and so much that the flying saucer would end up moving next to sides and started carving grooves into her plastic bin! (That is why I had to make the lovely cardboard wall set-up)

Now that Rory has the spinner, I gave the green saucer to Cinderella.
Cinderella is a much more calmer hamster and only exercises for a few minutes at a time and she doesn't run like her tail is on fire so it is much quieter, much much quieter now in our house.
Well, at night anyways! lol, Whoo hoo!

The girls enjoyed our trip to the mall, from watching the water fountains to seeing the animals at the pet store. :)
We brought the stroller for Vivi and she rode in that all day. I wasn't sure if she'd want to use it or not but I thought we might run into her nap time and they are great to have with you to hold the packages and diaper bag, snacks and drinks.

Shiloh was fascinated with the signs everywhere and she was reading everything. I told DH that we had to watch what we stood next to because she was going to read it!
"Why does this one say Women and this one say Men, Mom?"
"That sign says For Kids, Mom! What's For Kids? I am a kid and Vivian is a kid."
"This sign says "Home", why does the sign just say "Home", Mom?"
"Mom! That sign says "PETS"! Mom! MOM! It says PETS!"

We went to a "99 Steakhouse" for dinner. It was very nice and at the end of our meal they informed us that a certain team had won the night before and they had a promotion going that kids got to eat free the next day if the team won. So the girls got free meals!
I didn't even know what sport the team was playing. lol

The girls also got ice cream sandwiches included at the end of their meal. The girls didn't care for them though, too messy.
Vivi only ate a bite or two then had me scrub her hands clean. I didn't want her eating much anyways because of the dairy.
Shi ate about half and gave the rest to her Daddy...who didn't like it either.
Good to know before I bought a box! ;)

The girls and I worked on the fairy craft kit today. There were enough materials to make five fairies, so they each made two and I made one. :)

Vivian's two fairies...
Shiloh's fairies...
My fairy...she has a mix of yellow and brow hair because there wasn't enough of just one color after the girls wanted their fairies to have "Rapunzel" hair. :)
The girls have played quite a bit with their little fairies.
They are the perfect size to ride little ponies or take care of a Littlest pet. :)

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