Saturday, July 23, 2011

Put the sweat in sweater...

 I finished Vivian's sweater this evening. :) Yahoo!
 She loves it and despite the sweltering temperatures here, she's still wearing it!
She has it on over her pj's. Hopefully she doesn't fall asleep in it...

...Oops, spoke too soon!

Just as I was finishing up putting buttons on the sweater, I felt a slight stingy on my shoulder.
I swatted at it.
Ugh! Ack! Eek!
I "think" maybe it's just some type of moth (missing its wings). Something turned to a powdery mess when I whacked it but I've never had a moth feel like stinging. I had a light on behind me so it makes sense if it was something flying to the light.
I think this heat brings out all these odd bugs. :-p
I started to search and try to find out what it was but it was making me too itchy and feeling like things were crawling on me.

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Heather said...

Kinda looks like a Silverfish to me -