Friday, July 15, 2011

Say cheesy

We went out to the garden this morning and picked the two largest zucchini, and then took pictures.
Two kids both looking at the camera and smiling (make that smiling normally!).
Dream on! lol

Take five...
Take eight....
Everyone wants me to get baking now...but it's so hot out already!
Shiloh has been hinting about wanting a cake.
"I love cake! You make good cakes, Mom."
"You make lots of different cakes, don't you Mom?"
"Maybe you could make a cake now, Mom?"
"You could make a cake and then we could eat it!?" ;-)

I wonder if I can get away with just making Jello?? Maybe....

The knitted jacket I'm working on now has a sleeve! :)

I was asking Vivian today what different body parts are used for, like ears are for hearing and eyes are for seeing.
Shiloh started chiming in so I asked her some harder ones.
"What are your knees for?"
"Umm...for putting my body together?" :)
"What is your hair for?"
"For my head!"

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