Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vampire squash...and other stuff

It looks like Bunnicula has been visiting my garden.
You know, the bunny vampire that sucks the juice out of vegetables...Bunnicula!
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of artichokes?"  :)

My acorn squash is white, very very white.
I didn't know they came in white, but they do...they actually come in several pretty colors.
I can't find the seed packet to compare the name with white varieties.
I do know it had a picture of a dark-green acorn squash on the cover though...so, hmmm.

I cut my hair myself the other day...again.
It's hard to cut the back myself when it's short, but I think I did pretty well.
I didn't even curl it under...it just laid that way! I don't know how...but Ta da! lol
I also cut DH's hair and then Vivi got her bangs trimmed and I evened up the back of her hair. It was her first real haircut and I kept putting it off, but she had this long straggly piece in the back and it was starting to bother me.
It's still long but it looks much better...especially since she doesn't like her hair done-up very often.

As long as I was in the bathroom taking pictures of my haircut, I thought I would also show you the beautiful hand-towel I found at "Joann's Fabric".
I just love it!
It's making me dream of soft powder-blue cushions on my couch and some chocolate brown and blue accents in there.

I am redoing the second sleeve of Vivian's sweater. It was about halfway done when I realized an error and how it was going to affect the look of the sleeve, so I'm doing it correctly now and trying to focus on it a little better.
At least I've really got the pattern down now so it's actually zipping along.

Today is our 8th Anniversary. :)
I made a cake last night, I wanted to write on the top with the frosting but it was just way too hot for that. The frosting was not going to cooperate!
So instead I settled for decorating with sprinkles and we put nine candles (one to grow on!) on top and sang a very off-key "Happy Anniversary" song...to the tune of Happy Birthday, and let the girls blow out the candles. :)

I didn't start the day off too well. Vivi woke me in the wee hours of the morning and as soon as I got up (too quickly, I think) my head just started pounding!
She's getting her last molar in now, and she's been a bit out of sorts.
But it's her last molar! Her last one! hahahahaha!
And it's actually already started to cut through!!! yay!

I brought the girls downstairs this morning, fed them and sent them out to the porch to play while I laid on the couch and waited for my Excedrin to kick in.
DH came downstairs and I overheard Shiloh tell him "We're being quiet. Mama is layin' on the couch 'cause she has a headache from all the screaming."

Just a cute picture to finish up my post.
Princess Rory...once upon a dream.

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