Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bye August!

I love late Summer. :)

We've had a good tomato harvest despite the tempestuous weather of late.
A lot of the tomatoes and cherry tomatoes have split skins though, I think due to so much rain.
I'm mostly freezing the tomatoes which involves peeling the skins, so it doesn't matter too much anyways.

The girls have loved our trips to the library. :)
Hunting for "Mr. Putter & Tabby" books and other first readers.
I've mostly been sticking with selecting readers so that we can read them together or Shi can read them alone.
She has a little lamp next to her bed and she already loves to read before falling asleep.
She usually only makes it a couple pages before she's out. :) 

They loved our last selection of books so much, that they wanted to keep them longer and renew them instead but I think we found another batch that will keep them just as entertained.
Sometimes Shiloh will read a bedtime story to Vivian and I.
Tonight she read us "Mrs. Wow never wanted a Cow"
It's a cute story!

The girls did a ladybug craft at storytime. :)
Vivian played with her ladybug quite a bit...until the head fell off.
We have yet to located the missing head, or several of the spots.
I don't miss it though, she was buzzing her ladybug around everyone and it was starting to get on all of our nerves. lol

We had a visitor this afternoon.
A groundhog that moved so fast!
This is right between our house and our neighbors, right where I saw the black groundhog earlier in the year.

I got some pretty good pictures though.
He was enjoying his lunch, see the leaf hanging out of his mouth?


Monday, August 29, 2011

Cleaning up

I noticed that my hydrangea seemed to be drying out, despite daily waterings.
So I thought it was probably getting pot bound and it was time to relocate it somewhere outside.
It was hard to find a good location, but we have this little strip of grass between the sidewalk and some concrete blocks that I finally settled on.

I'm hoping it does well...especially this winter!
It looked big in the pot but looks so small compared to other outdoor hydrangeas!
We have some nice weather in the forecast so maybe it can catch up before winter sets in.

I finished Shiloh's sweater today. yay!

She was posing for me, lol.

Shi and I went outside to clean up the deck and yard.
The deck needed a lot of sweeping...and while I was sweeping I found this spider.

Turns out it's just a grass spider.
A grass spider that came out to attack my broom when I swept its web away!

The tomatoes bushes were falling down so badly that they were just pulling all the cages and fences down with them.
So I ended up removing most of the fencing and just letting the tomatoes rest on each other.
Hmm, not sure if it's the best course, but the fences weren't doing much in their nearly horizontal position anyways.
I have several acorn squash, including another white one, in the garden and they seem to have fared okay. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene

So far Hurricane Irene...which has now been downgraded to "Tropical Storm Irene" has brought a lot of rain and wind.
The wind is coming from a southernly direction which is much different than usual.
Our house seems to be more protected from winds from that direction.
I didn't remove my bird feeders and they are barely being blown at all because they are on the protected side of the house.
There are leaves and branches everywhere...and my garden is pretty flattened.

I was able to get my coffee made this morning. Yay!
Then I had to give Vivi a shower as she had gotten honey or something sticky in her hair from breakfast.
While I was bathing her, the lights started flickering a lot and then the power went out briefly.

Thankfully it came back on again! :)
So we can relax and watch "Finding Nemo" while the rain comes down and the winds whip.

Some of our neighbors didn't prepare for the storm. at. all.
They had a nice netted gazebo, similar to this one.
It was full of large plants that quickly toppled in the winds.
I was watching it all morning. The gazebo was really being battered by the wind.
Irene vs. Gazebo.
Irene won.
Now the gazebo looks like this. :(

The whole roof is pointing down instead of up now, and it looks badly ripped as well.
That's been the most damage I've seen on our street though, so it really hasn't been too terrible.

Gotta say, I have no idea how I'd *really* stockpile food for an emergency.
The girls think it's an all-you-can-eat buffet! lol

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Every time I hear something about Hurricane Irene, it makes me think of Ice Age 3. :)
Where Buck is warning them about the large dangerous dinosaur.
Buck:"I call him Rudy!"
Manny: "Oh, good. Good. I was worried
it was something intimidating, like "Sheldon" or "Tim."

We are under a "Tropical Storm warning". I can't remember seeing one of those for our area before!
Hopefully we don't lose power!

DH and I have both had headaches...maybe from the impending weather?
The oddest thing was that both girls took naps today, and we had a pretty quiet day too.
Shi naps quite rarely and usually only when she's had a really busy day!

I made an apple pie and banana bread today. :) I also made a quick pasta salad but the girls have made short work of that, so there's not much left already!
They eat so much for such tiny people! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011


We had a wonderful vacation this week!
We took walks and bought fancy coffees made by baristas!
We played on a couple of playgrounds...with children as young as mine, the grown-ups watching them end up on the playground equipment nearly as much as the kids. :)
Fortunately I am short enough, so I only bumped my head once...though DH almost got stuck climbing through the equipment trying to find the way to the top of a slide. ;-)

We visited the Zoo on a nice cool morning and all the animals were awake and active!
It was a nice treat, especially since some of the animals are noted recluses at the Zoo.

Like Wolverine here.
Er...I mean here.
The cutest little Fisher face!
(see him laying on top of the log?)

Pretty markings on this mountain lion.

Even the Black bear was up, albeit briefly, as he shuffled from one nap to the next.
Shiloh, DH, and Grampa even swam in the cold lake water.
Craziness! Brr!
Vivi is a bit nervous on the water, but she still managed to take some good naps while on the boat...Mama might have too. :)
We took them wading at the little beach.
Vivi's idea of wading was being carried by someone who was walking in the water.
Shi practically dove in waist deep...which would have been fine if she had been wearing a swimsuit!
Soaking wet sandy shorts. lol

We all had a wonderful and relaxing time.
Even DH who is a "go-go-go" type person enjoyed relaxing.
Just sitting with nothing urgent to do and just relaxing. :)
Thanks Grama & Grampa!!!

Hmm, I want to vacation again! :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fever, Fever, go away...

Last night I checked Vivian's temperature around 10pm and it was about 101.
Then DH asked me to check her temperature again around midnight.
It was 103 point something so I decided to wake her up and give her Motrin.
While she was sitting on my lap I checked her temp yet again and it had now reached 104 degrees! Ack!
So into a cool bath she went!
She was so good-natured. If you woke me up and put me in a cool bath, I'm certain I wouldn't be so happy!
I sat on the edge of the tub with my feet in the water with her because she is nervous about being in the tub by herself.
Even then she asked a couple times if we would wake-up Shiloh so she could take a bath too. ;-)

Her Daddy was so great. :) After working a long day he could have gone to bed and left me to work on bringing down her fever, but instead he sat next to the tub and played with Vivi so that she forgot the discomfort of the cool water and soon was giggling away and squirting him with bath toys. lol

Today her temps have been in the 99-101 range, though Motrin did get rid of it for awhile.
She's still acting fine though so it's a mystery virus.
She's getting tired of me constantly sticking a thermometer in her ear, but fevers make me nervous so it's hard to resist!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love being a girl...

I painted lots of fingers and toes today.
The girls love it!

Shiloh is rough on her nails.
She has a huge crack in her pinky nail that she didn't even know was there. 
I've been trying to keep nailpolish on her nails now until it grows out.

Vivian was too funny posing for this picture!
She had a hard time showing me both fingers and toes and staying seated at the same time.
She toppled over repeatedly! lol

Shiloh wanted a picture of all of our nails. :)
(notice Vivian trying to keep her balance? lol)
I love NYC fast dry colors the best.
Lots of peaches, pinks, and pale purples that are suitable for tiny girls or grown-ups. :)
"Canal Street" is one of my favorites.
It's a pretty glittered reddish-brown color.

While I was painting Vivi's nails I thought she felt really warm.
She was acting fine though eating, drinking, and playing so I soon forgot about it.
Until the next time I held her, whew!
I took her temperature. 103!
I gave her some Motrin to bring down her fever and got her a big glass of lemonade to help her cool down.
Then I started to wonder what was going on, she said nothing was bothering her so I started checking her over.
Her bottom gums are all swollen and red around her molars.
BUT she's not teething these molars, they've been in for awhile!
So I looked it up online and those two things (fever and swollen gums) together can be a sign of a virus.
Ugh! Hopefully it passes soon!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I see tomatoes...

My tomato bushes are not doing a good job of holding onto the tomatoes until they are ripe.
In fact the bushes are just collapsing under the weight of the tomatoes.
These aren't even the huge Beefsteak tomatoes that I wanted!

Today I noticed green/orange tomatoes just strewn all around my garden, wherever they landed or rolled to.
 So while the girls played in the yard, I decided to tackle tying up the bushes properly.
Uh yeah, a whole bunch more tomatoes fell off while I was doing that!

This is what my kitchen windowsill looks like now.
That's not even all of them! 

And let's not forget the ones my husband stuck into my container of rice.
He said the rice would make them ripen in a couple, it's been a week and a half and they're still not ripe so I don't think it's a super effective method. ;)

I was washing my face yesterday and Vivian was watching me.
"Why u closin' u eyes wen u washin'?"
"Because I don't want to get soap in my eyes"
"But why?" (she's deep in the "why" stage)
"Because soap stings."
"But why?"
"Because it's logical."
"U washin' logical?"

I made the girls a special treat of S'mores today.
Vivi wasn't too impressed and only ate about half of hers but Shiloh raved on and on.
"I love Snores! Snores are so good! I like the marshpillows and the chocolate.
Can we have Snores again?"
Yes, marshpillows and snores! Sounds like my kind of nap, er snack! :-D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Payless sale

I've been looking for some sneakers for Shiloh.
She way too quickly outgrew her last pair. She's mostly wearing sandals now but soon enough she's going to need sneakers.
Payless has BOGO half off, which tends to be a pretty good sale.
Epecially if you combine it with sale items, and even more so if you're able to print out a coupon for 30% off! :)
(FYI: There is a 20% off coupon available from their Facebook page...though only good until Sunday 8/21, you can also use it to shop online.)

Lookie what I found!
Pink glitter hightops, with silver sparly laces and rhinestones on the toe for Shiloh. Originally $25, marked down to $8!
I want a pair myself! :) Plus, the laces will be good for Shi to practice tying.

For Vivian, dressy gold ballet flats (they look better in person). Originally $20, marked down to $5.
With my coupon, on top of the BOGO...the total for both was $7.64! Whoohoo!
I asked the saleslady to measure the girls feet while we were there.
Shiloh would be in a size 10, so I went with a 10 1/2 for the hightops since they seemed to run a little big.
Vivian measured...gulp, an 8 - 8 1/2!?
I got her a 9 for the dress shoes because she seems to be having a growth spurt!
She also gets attached to her shoes and whether or not they hurt, she will insist on wearing her favorites so the longer she can wear them, the better!
Her current sandals (which do fit) are only a 6 1/2, though she just started complaining that her favorite dress shoes hurt and those are a 7.
Meanwhile, she keeps insisting on squeezing into these tiny pink (way too small) sandals because she loves them.
Today was the last day for those though, her toes were hanging way out! lol

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Days of Summer

The girls and I had a great weekend up at the River.
They're having their Pirate days so "Pirates" were everywhere you looked.
...even some tiny princess pirates! ;-)
We tried to cram so much into such a short amount of time.
Shi really wanted to go on the boat and go fishing. We managed to fit in a quick boat trip and she even caught a fish!
We drove past a lot of wind turbines. Shi kept saying she wished that she could ride on one. lol

I took the girls to the library's story & craft time this week.
It was much better this time. Only eight kids total, so there was plenty of room for each child to do their "taxi cab" craft. Pretty cute!
Shi complained afterwards that the craft was too simple. Yes, but they're not going to let you sit there for three hours doing bead necklaces, girly! lol
One Mom there had two boys around 1 and 3.
She kept using sign language with the baby, which I thought was interesting and a quiet way to communicate especially in the setting we were in...well it would've been nice if the baby paid attention to it, lol.

Afterwards we ran to grocery store for some fruit, and popsicles and then home to pick
another zucchini and my white acorn squash.
The squash has been the same size for a few weeks now so I figure that it's ready?
Guess we shall see!
I'm hoping tonight is cool enough so I can bake it with a little butter and brown sugar and some spices. Mmmm. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tip your waitress

I love that Shiloh can now draw actual pictures.
I mean, real pictures...of a rainbow potato person enjoying a sunny day!
Awesome! ;-)

Must be she gets her artistic abilities from her "Mudder". (for some reason Shi keeps calling me that, lol)
I must step away from the window crayons...but I love them so!

This afternoon Shiloh came walking through the house banging with a spoon on a little metal pot and announcing "It's playtime! It's playtime! Everyone to the front porch, It's playtime! C'mon Mudder, it's playtime!"

She was pretending to be a waitress. Using a slice of play bread and a chopstick to write the orders on.
"What would you like? May I get you something?"
"Sorry, we're all out of pizza. Sorry. Sorry we're all out of pizza. What would you like to eat?"
"Sorry, we're all out of pizza. I had people come and they ate too many pieces. These people kept eating all the pizza. They keep coming and staying and eating all the pizza.
Can I get you something else? Something not pizza?"
"Lasagna!"  (which I know she doesn't have)
"Okay, I can get you lasagna. Would you like anything else?"
"Creme Brulee!" lol
"Okay, I be right back. Would you like something else?"
"Hmm, something special to drink."
"I have a Gingerbread milk. It's very tasty, I will bring that to you."

A little later she sets a banana and a donut in front of me.
"What's this?"
"This is your lasagna. I gonna get your Creme Brulee now.
Would you like a toy for your baby?" (Vivian was sitting on my lap)
"Uh, sure...thank you"
"Did you try the milk? It's gingerbread milk, it's very tasty!"
She brings a little toy for Vivi, and a large dish of fruit, bread, corn, and pizza!
That was my Creme Brulee. lol

Monday, August 08, 2011

Got Zucchini?

Did you know that today (8/8) is "Leave a zucchini on your neighbor's porch Day"?
Tempting. ;-)
Except that a lot of my neighbors are single men who very likely don't have a clue what to do with a zucchini.
Honestly I think a lot of women run out of ideas after awhile too! lol

I found a recipe for "Zucchini Pancakes".
Yum! They are delicious! I needed to practice the recipe a bit though...but hey, I had plenty of zucchini to practice with! :)
It is a savory recipe which has totally turned the girls off. They kept asking for syrup and strawberries to go with their "pancakes".
I think expecting sweet and finding them savory is what really turned them off.
So the recipe needs a different name and maybe a different shape. ;-)
I think they quite good though so I've been eating them all myself!

Vivian was writing on her dry-erase board and called me over, so pleased with herself because she had written a "V" for Vivian!
I (of course) had to take a picture of her tiny green "V". :)

Our craft today was making a bead bracelet and necklace.
Vivian had a hard time threading the beads until I put the thread through a large plastic needle and held it for her...then she zipped right through.

Shiloh loved the craft. But Shiloh and beads do NOT go together very well.

Vivian and her finished "bling". :)

Shiloh took hours....and I mean HOURS, as in more than three hours...and I am not joking in the slightest.
She'd finish her bracelet and get right to the end, and then spill all the beads everywhere.
And repeat.
Then she did the same with the necklace.
Second time around she decided she wanted the necklace to be "rainbow". So she carefully separated all the beads by color group before stringing them.
We got it all done but pretty quickly she broke the strand and beads flew to every nook and cranny of the living room.
We picked up all (well, I'm hoping) the beads and restrung the necklace on some heavier string.
Ta da!
Now, I'm off to shove the rest of the beads to the way bottom of my craft box! lol

Friday, August 05, 2011

Dear toe...

Dear toe,
I am sorry, I did not mean to crash you into the couch.
Accidents happen.
Purple really is your color, you know.
I am sorry that the boots made you so sore.
You looked great though.
Have you lost weight?
I am especially sorry that I dropped that fan on you today.
Oops! Clutzy me!
I have purple nailpolish to match that bruise.
You like nailpolish, right?

Here toe, I bought you a flower. Please forgive me...
P.S. the kids are sorry for tromping on you repeatedly too...

I love hydrangeas!
I found this hydrangea for 50% off. They were just marking them down today so it's not in horrible shape...though it definitely needs some TLC.
Shiloh and I cleared away the dead leaves/branches and gave it some fertilizer and water. It was quite dry and in full sun at the store, so I think that accounts for most of the burned leaves. Hydrangeas need lots of water and like it shady.
Hopefully the hot house atmosphere of the front porch is just what the Doctor ordered. :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

August days

I got my letter from the hospital today, telling me that my mammogram came out normal.
I am so amazed to get a letter less than a week from the time of the mammogram!
Now that is good service.
When I went to the other hospital I was always being told I would be called and get a letter and more than once I heard nothing from them and had to call them myself to find out what was going on.
So I am quite happy with switching to this hospital so far! :)

The girls and I were quite busy in the garden today. Lots of green beans, cherry tomatoes, and even a zucchini were all ready for picking!
We made a big snack of green beans with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.
They are quite good like that, it's fast becoming my favorite way to eat them. :)

I want to make zucchini pancakes next. It's a savory recipe, not sweet....more like for dinner.
I just ran out of time today, maybe tomorrow.

I took the girls to Story & Craft time at the library.
There were 17 kids by the time the stragglers got in, and once you had that many toddlers in really couldn't hear the stories.
The stories were based on the ocean, so the craft was to make an ocean scene.
(Viv's is the top one, Shi's is the bottom)
Their glue sticks weren't very good so I had the girls do a little bit there, and then we came home to do the rest.
Every day something falls off their scene, or is pulled off so then the girls keep gluing things back on and in different places.
It's an ongoing craft...

I got a big bunch of books for the girls.
They had a lot of "easy readers" so that was great and Shi's been curling up on the couch with a book reading it by herself.
Too cute!
I even picked up a couple books for me! :)

Monday, August 01, 2011

For the birds...

I picked up these cute little birdhouses at the craft store for only $1 apiece!
The girls had a great time painting them.

Shiloh splattered quite a bit of paint everywhere.
I should have made her wear her smock. What was I thinking? 
She had paint on her shirt, her cheeks, her forehead...the laptop (ahem!).

The finished birdhouses.
Gotta be the most colorful houses the birdies have seen in awhile. :)

The girls had a lot of fun, so it made it worth the trip to the non Air-conditioned craft store on an +80 degree day. ;)

Today, I misplaced my invisible jet.

Then I painfully found it again...


Okay so by "jet", I mean my parents' couch.
And by "invisible", I mean...well if I had seen it I wouldn't have walked into it. lol