Wednesday, August 03, 2011

August days

I got my letter from the hospital today, telling me that my mammogram came out normal.
I am so amazed to get a letter less than a week from the time of the mammogram!
Now that is good service.
When I went to the other hospital I was always being told I would be called and get a letter and more than once I heard nothing from them and had to call them myself to find out what was going on.
So I am quite happy with switching to this hospital so far! :)

The girls and I were quite busy in the garden today. Lots of green beans, cherry tomatoes, and even a zucchini were all ready for picking!
We made a big snack of green beans with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.
They are quite good like that, it's fast becoming my favorite way to eat them. :)

I want to make zucchini pancakes next. It's a savory recipe, not sweet....more like for dinner.
I just ran out of time today, maybe tomorrow.

I took the girls to Story & Craft time at the library.
There were 17 kids by the time the stragglers got in, and once you had that many toddlers in really couldn't hear the stories.
The stories were based on the ocean, so the craft was to make an ocean scene.
(Viv's is the top one, Shi's is the bottom)
Their glue sticks weren't very good so I had the girls do a little bit there, and then we came home to do the rest.
Every day something falls off their scene, or is pulled off so then the girls keep gluing things back on and in different places.
It's an ongoing craft...

I got a big bunch of books for the girls.
They had a lot of "easy readers" so that was great and Shi's been curling up on the couch with a book reading it by herself.
Too cute!
I even picked up a couple books for me! :)

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