Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bye August!

I love late Summer. :)

We've had a good tomato harvest despite the tempestuous weather of late.
A lot of the tomatoes and cherry tomatoes have split skins though, I think due to so much rain.
I'm mostly freezing the tomatoes which involves peeling the skins, so it doesn't matter too much anyways.

The girls have loved our trips to the library. :)
Hunting for "Mr. Putter & Tabby" books and other first readers.
I've mostly been sticking with selecting readers so that we can read them together or Shi can read them alone.
She has a little lamp next to her bed and she already loves to read before falling asleep.
She usually only makes it a couple pages before she's out. :) 

They loved our last selection of books so much, that they wanted to keep them longer and renew them instead but I think we found another batch that will keep them just as entertained.
Sometimes Shiloh will read a bedtime story to Vivian and I.
Tonight she read us "Mrs. Wow never wanted a Cow"
It's a cute story!

The girls did a ladybug craft at storytime. :)
Vivian played with her ladybug quite a bit...until the head fell off.
We have yet to located the missing head, or several of the spots.
I don't miss it though, she was buzzing her ladybug around everyone and it was starting to get on all of our nerves. lol

We had a visitor this afternoon.
A groundhog that moved so fast!
This is right between our house and our neighbors, right where I saw the black groundhog earlier in the year.

I got some pretty good pictures though.
He was enjoying his lunch, see the leaf hanging out of his mouth?


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