Monday, August 29, 2011

Cleaning up

I noticed that my hydrangea seemed to be drying out, despite daily waterings.
So I thought it was probably getting pot bound and it was time to relocate it somewhere outside.
It was hard to find a good location, but we have this little strip of grass between the sidewalk and some concrete blocks that I finally settled on.

I'm hoping it does well...especially this winter!
It looked big in the pot but looks so small compared to other outdoor hydrangeas!
We have some nice weather in the forecast so maybe it can catch up before winter sets in.

I finished Shiloh's sweater today. yay!

She was posing for me, lol.

Shi and I went outside to clean up the deck and yard.
The deck needed a lot of sweeping...and while I was sweeping I found this spider.

Turns out it's just a grass spider.
A grass spider that came out to attack my broom when I swept its web away!

The tomatoes bushes were falling down so badly that they were just pulling all the cages and fences down with them.
So I ended up removing most of the fencing and just letting the tomatoes rest on each other.
Hmm, not sure if it's the best course, but the fences weren't doing much in their nearly horizontal position anyways.
I have several acorn squash, including another white one, in the garden and they seem to have fared okay. :)

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