Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Days of Summer

The girls and I had a great weekend up at the River.
They're having their Pirate days so "Pirates" were everywhere you looked.
...even some tiny princess pirates! ;-)
We tried to cram so much into such a short amount of time.
Shi really wanted to go on the boat and go fishing. We managed to fit in a quick boat trip and she even caught a fish!
We drove past a lot of wind turbines. Shi kept saying she wished that she could ride on one. lol

I took the girls to the library's story & craft time this week.
It was much better this time. Only eight kids total, so there was plenty of room for each child to do their "taxi cab" craft. Pretty cute!
Shi complained afterwards that the craft was too simple. Yes, but they're not going to let you sit there for three hours doing bead necklaces, girly! lol
One Mom there had two boys around 1 and 3.
She kept using sign language with the baby, which I thought was interesting and a quiet way to communicate especially in the setting we were in...well it would've been nice if the baby paid attention to it, lol.

Afterwards we ran to grocery store for some fruit, and popsicles and then home to pick
another zucchini and my white acorn squash.
The squash has been the same size for a few weeks now so I figure that it's ready?
Guess we shall see!
I'm hoping tonight is cool enough so I can bake it with a little butter and brown sugar and some spices. Mmmm. :)

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