Friday, August 05, 2011

Dear toe...

Dear toe,
I am sorry, I did not mean to crash you into the couch.
Accidents happen.
Purple really is your color, you know.
I am sorry that the boots made you so sore.
You looked great though.
Have you lost weight?
I am especially sorry that I dropped that fan on you today.
Oops! Clutzy me!
I have purple nailpolish to match that bruise.
You like nailpolish, right?

Here toe, I bought you a flower. Please forgive me...
P.S. the kids are sorry for tromping on you repeatedly too...

I love hydrangeas!
I found this hydrangea for 50% off. They were just marking them down today so it's not in horrible shape...though it definitely needs some TLC.
Shiloh and I cleared away the dead leaves/branches and gave it some fertilizer and water. It was quite dry and in full sun at the store, so I think that accounts for most of the burned leaves. Hydrangeas need lots of water and like it shady.
Hopefully the hot house atmosphere of the front porch is just what the Doctor ordered. :)

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