Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fever, Fever, go away...

Last night I checked Vivian's temperature around 10pm and it was about 101.
Then DH asked me to check her temperature again around midnight.
It was 103 point something so I decided to wake her up and give her Motrin.
While she was sitting on my lap I checked her temp yet again and it had now reached 104 degrees! Ack!
So into a cool bath she went!
She was so good-natured. If you woke me up and put me in a cool bath, I'm certain I wouldn't be so happy!
I sat on the edge of the tub with my feet in the water with her because she is nervous about being in the tub by herself.
Even then she asked a couple times if we would wake-up Shiloh so she could take a bath too. ;-)

Her Daddy was so great. :) After working a long day he could have gone to bed and left me to work on bringing down her fever, but instead he sat next to the tub and played with Vivi so that she forgot the discomfort of the cool water and soon was giggling away and squirting him with bath toys. lol

Today her temps have been in the 99-101 range, though Motrin did get rid of it for awhile.
She's still acting fine though so it's a mystery virus.
She's getting tired of me constantly sticking a thermometer in her ear, but fevers make me nervous so it's hard to resist!

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