Monday, August 01, 2011

For the birds...

I picked up these cute little birdhouses at the craft store for only $1 apiece!
The girls had a great time painting them.

Shiloh splattered quite a bit of paint everywhere.
I should have made her wear her smock. What was I thinking? 
She had paint on her shirt, her cheeks, her forehead...the laptop (ahem!).

The finished birdhouses.
Gotta be the most colorful houses the birdies have seen in awhile. :)

The girls had a lot of fun, so it made it worth the trip to the non Air-conditioned craft store on an +80 degree day. ;)

Today, I misplaced my invisible jet.

Then I painfully found it again...


Okay so by "jet", I mean my parents' couch.
And by "invisible", I mean...well if I had seen it I wouldn't have walked into it. lol


Heather said...

You weren't carrying a cup of coffee, were you?? ;)

Mama to the Princesses said...

No, not carrying coffee! I guess it could be worse then...scalded and bruised! eek!