Monday, August 08, 2011

Got Zucchini?

Did you know that today (8/8) is "Leave a zucchini on your neighbor's porch Day"?
Tempting. ;-)
Except that a lot of my neighbors are single men who very likely don't have a clue what to do with a zucchini.
Honestly I think a lot of women run out of ideas after awhile too! lol

I found a recipe for "Zucchini Pancakes".
Yum! They are delicious! I needed to practice the recipe a bit though...but hey, I had plenty of zucchini to practice with! :)
It is a savory recipe which has totally turned the girls off. They kept asking for syrup and strawberries to go with their "pancakes".
I think expecting sweet and finding them savory is what really turned them off.
So the recipe needs a different name and maybe a different shape. ;-)
I think they quite good though so I've been eating them all myself!

Vivian was writing on her dry-erase board and called me over, so pleased with herself because she had written a "V" for Vivian!
I (of course) had to take a picture of her tiny green "V". :)

Our craft today was making a bead bracelet and necklace.
Vivian had a hard time threading the beads until I put the thread through a large plastic needle and held it for her...then she zipped right through.

Shiloh loved the craft. But Shiloh and beads do NOT go together very well.

Vivian and her finished "bling". :)

Shiloh took hours....and I mean HOURS, as in more than three hours...and I am not joking in the slightest.
She'd finish her bracelet and get right to the end, and then spill all the beads everywhere.
And repeat.
Then she did the same with the necklace.
Second time around she decided she wanted the necklace to be "rainbow". So she carefully separated all the beads by color group before stringing them.
We got it all done but pretty quickly she broke the strand and beads flew to every nook and cranny of the living room.
We picked up all (well, I'm hoping) the beads and restrung the necklace on some heavier string.
Ta da!
Now, I'm off to shove the rest of the beads to the way bottom of my craft box! lol

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