Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Every time I hear something about Hurricane Irene, it makes me think of Ice Age 3. :)
Where Buck is warning them about the large dangerous dinosaur.
Buck:"I call him Rudy!"
Manny: "Oh, good. Good. I was worried
it was something intimidating, like "Sheldon" or "Tim."

We are under a "Tropical Storm warning". I can't remember seeing one of those for our area before!
Hopefully we don't lose power!

DH and I have both had headaches...maybe from the impending weather?
The oddest thing was that both girls took naps today, and we had a pretty quiet day too.
Shi naps quite rarely and usually only when she's had a really busy day!

I made an apple pie and banana bread today. :) I also made a quick pasta salad but the girls have made short work of that, so there's not much left already!
They eat so much for such tiny people! :)

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