Friday, August 19, 2011

I see tomatoes...

My tomato bushes are not doing a good job of holding onto the tomatoes until they are ripe.
In fact the bushes are just collapsing under the weight of the tomatoes.
These aren't even the huge Beefsteak tomatoes that I wanted!

Today I noticed green/orange tomatoes just strewn all around my garden, wherever they landed or rolled to.
 So while the girls played in the yard, I decided to tackle tying up the bushes properly.
Uh yeah, a whole bunch more tomatoes fell off while I was doing that!

This is what my kitchen windowsill looks like now.
That's not even all of them! 

And let's not forget the ones my husband stuck into my container of rice.
He said the rice would make them ripen in a couple, it's been a week and a half and they're still not ripe so I don't think it's a super effective method. ;)

I was washing my face yesterday and Vivian was watching me.
"Why u closin' u eyes wen u washin'?"
"Because I don't want to get soap in my eyes"
"But why?" (she's deep in the "why" stage)
"Because soap stings."
"But why?"
"Because it's logical."
"U washin' logical?"

I made the girls a special treat of S'mores today.
Vivi wasn't too impressed and only ate about half of hers but Shiloh raved on and on.
"I love Snores! Snores are so good! I like the marshpillows and the chocolate.
Can we have Snores again?"
Yes, marshpillows and snores! Sounds like my kind of nap, er snack! :-D

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