Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love being a girl...

I painted lots of fingers and toes today.
The girls love it!

Shiloh is rough on her nails.
She has a huge crack in her pinky nail that she didn't even know was there. 
I've been trying to keep nailpolish on her nails now until it grows out.

Vivian was too funny posing for this picture!
She had a hard time showing me both fingers and toes and staying seated at the same time.
She toppled over repeatedly! lol

Shiloh wanted a picture of all of our nails. :)
(notice Vivian trying to keep her balance? lol)
I love NYC fast dry colors the best.
Lots of peaches, pinks, and pale purples that are suitable for tiny girls or grown-ups. :)
"Canal Street" is one of my favorites.
It's a pretty glittered reddish-brown color.

While I was painting Vivi's nails I thought she felt really warm.
She was acting fine though eating, drinking, and playing so I soon forgot about it.
Until the next time I held her, whew!
I took her temperature. 103!
I gave her some Motrin to bring down her fever and got her a big glass of lemonade to help her cool down.
Then I started to wonder what was going on, she said nothing was bothering her so I started checking her over.
Her bottom gums are all swollen and red around her molars.
BUT she's not teething these molars, they've been in for awhile!
So I looked it up online and those two things (fever and swollen gums) together can be a sign of a virus.
Ugh! Hopefully it passes soon!

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