Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene

So far Hurricane Irene...which has now been downgraded to "Tropical Storm Irene" has brought a lot of rain and wind.
The wind is coming from a southernly direction which is much different than usual.
Our house seems to be more protected from winds from that direction.
I didn't remove my bird feeders and they are barely being blown at all because they are on the protected side of the house.
There are leaves and branches everywhere...and my garden is pretty flattened.

I was able to get my coffee made this morning. Yay!
Then I had to give Vivi a shower as she had gotten honey or something sticky in her hair from breakfast.
While I was bathing her, the lights started flickering a lot and then the power went out briefly.

Thankfully it came back on again! :)
So we can relax and watch "Finding Nemo" while the rain comes down and the winds whip.

Some of our neighbors didn't prepare for the storm. at. all.
They had a nice netted gazebo, similar to this one.
It was full of large plants that quickly toppled in the winds.
I was watching it all morning. The gazebo was really being battered by the wind.
Irene vs. Gazebo.
Irene won.
Now the gazebo looks like this. :(

The whole roof is pointing down instead of up now, and it looks badly ripped as well.
That's been the most damage I've seen on our street though, so it really hasn't been too terrible.

Gotta say, I have no idea how I'd *really* stockpile food for an emergency.
The girls think it's an all-you-can-eat buffet! lol

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