Friday, August 26, 2011


We had a wonderful vacation this week!
We took walks and bought fancy coffees made by baristas!
We played on a couple of playgrounds...with children as young as mine, the grown-ups watching them end up on the playground equipment nearly as much as the kids. :)
Fortunately I am short enough, so I only bumped my head once...though DH almost got stuck climbing through the equipment trying to find the way to the top of a slide. ;-)

We visited the Zoo on a nice cool morning and all the animals were awake and active!
It was a nice treat, especially since some of the animals are noted recluses at the Zoo.

Like Wolverine here.
Er...I mean here.
The cutest little Fisher face!
(see him laying on top of the log?)

Pretty markings on this mountain lion.

Even the Black bear was up, albeit briefly, as he shuffled from one nap to the next.
Shiloh, DH, and Grampa even swam in the cold lake water.
Craziness! Brr!
Vivi is a bit nervous on the water, but she still managed to take some good naps while on the boat...Mama might have too. :)
We took them wading at the little beach.
Vivi's idea of wading was being carried by someone who was walking in the water.
Shi practically dove in waist deep...which would have been fine if she had been wearing a swimsuit!
Soaking wet sandy shorts. lol

We all had a wonderful and relaxing time.
Even DH who is a "go-go-go" type person enjoyed relaxing.
Just sitting with nothing urgent to do and just relaxing. :)
Thanks Grama & Grampa!!!

Hmm, I want to vacation again! :)

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