Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cold bug, learning bug

I've been catching up on some sewing these past couple days.
I finally finished the rest of the pillows for the couch. :)

I love the pattern on the pillowcases.
They are so soft now and much more nap and kid friendly.
I didn't have quite enough fabric to cover the entire body pillow.
Then when I was checking it over I found the end seam of the pillow was coming all undone.
I was tempted to just remove the stuffing and remake a whole new pillow, but instead I decided to repair the seam and make a protective matching "sleeve" instead.
Another kid-friendly design, that micro-fiber is annoying.
Then I made eight scrunchies for the girls using some different colored scraps of material I had on hand.
Hmm, is weird that my daughter's hair ties will match the couch? lol

The cold bug has hit my house.
Shiloh had it for like one day, then she was fine.
Last night and today, Vivian was quite miserable.
Add cold misery on top of the eczema flare-up that's been bothering her lately and she had me up a LOT last night.
Giving her medicine, rubbing cream on her itchy body, putting Vicks on her nose, getting her another tissue, getting her a drink and just rocking and comforting her.
I told her this morning "Oh Vivi, I'm so tired. You kept me up way too much!"
She hopped around "I slept good! I not sleepy at all! I not tired!"
How is that possible?

DH also woke up with the cold, but his hasn't been too bad so far.
So the Cheese stands alone.
I'm taking Multi-vitamins and Ester-C (which I so conveniently have on hand) ;-) and washing my hands like crazy!

Today I was throwing some things away and Vivi looked in the trash can and said "Look there's a "W" in the trash can!" :)
(The can was lined with a Walmart bag)
It's so thrilling to me when they learn these things and get excited to discover they can actually use what you're teaching them....especially when learning "W" was a hard one for her. :)

We play "The Flashcard Game" every day and that has helped her immensely.
We have 52 cards with uppercase and lowercase letters on them.
If she says the letter right, she gets the card and "wins".
If she says it wrong, I get the card.
The other day I only had 4 cards at the end of the game. :)
I have to really listen to her though to make sure of what she's saying because she adds an "uh" to most letters.
"A-uh, B-uh, C-uh, D-uh"...and so on.

Numbers are more of a challenge for her.
But the other day I was helping Shiloh with counting.
"20...21...22...what comes next, Shi?"
And Vivian shouts out "23!"
I couldn't believe it. ;-)

Hmm, I thought I'd have a problem with Shiloh shouting answers out for Vivian...not the other way around!

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