Friday, September 09, 2011

Finally Friday!

It's been a busy week!
I finally baked my white acorn squash.
It was good! It tasted just like acorn squash. :)
I saved the seeds since this white one is the only one that has grown to full-size so far.
They seem to take a long time to grow. I still have a bunch of green ones in the garden, but I'm not sure what they're doing...if anything.
I took the girls to a disappointing storytime...and probably our last.
First they reread stories they had already read during storytime (and we've only gone a few times), plus they only read three books.
Then they were very unprepared for their craft...and they the "craft people/teachers" kept messing up the craft.
The kids were supposed to be making caterpillars.
Well, the legs wouldn't stay on when they (the teachers) glued them.
So they decided to staple them, which didn't work much better.
I was going between both girls helping them, so one teacher decided to help Shiloh.
I use the word "help" lightly.
The craft lady ended up stapling the caterpiller antenna...under the chin, like a beard instead.
It's not even a hard craft or a difficult insect to put together!
I mean if they were putting together praying mantises or something I might be able to comprehend a mistake...but a caterpillar!

I came home to find this delightful surprise with my mail the other day.
I won an "Ester C" prize pack!
I received a bottle of "Ester-C", a metal water bottle, and this awesome camp chair!
The chair is pretty comfy too.
Vivi really likes it, she even curled up in it to watch a movie.
The funny thing is that she thinks the little mesh cupholders, are for putting your hands when you're sitting in the chair. (see her?) :)

Poor Shiloh, I know gracefulness will come to her eventually.
But in the meantime she has managed to run over her own leg with her training wheel, which is kind of hard to explain in writing...or orally...or in reenactment. lol
She didn't really hurt herself though.

But then she dropped her pencil while writing and went to grab it quick and jabbed it into the palm of her hand.
Some blood, some tears, and a half inch gash.
I cleaned it off as best I could with soap and water but the pencil tip went under the skin aways.
Antibiotic cream and a Carebear bandaid.
I researched it also, to make sure I was doing the right care and pencil tips are graphite not lead so it's just basic wound care.

Shiloh's 5th Birthday is approaching rapidly.
She decided she wants a Rainbow cake. Okay.
Make that a "Barbie" Rainbow cake.
Um, I love that you have such faith in my baking skills, dear girl.
I wish I did!

I looked around yesterday for a doll pick but I couldn't find any.
Today I ran to our party supply store.
They had the whole doll dress cake set (pan/doll pick) for $20.
But the doll had brown hair and Shi didn't want that.
Then I found the doll picks, in brunette and this reddish-blonde color.
Shiloh wanted the reddish-blonde.
Hmm, she's not giving me much to work with here.
I may have to do a practice a Barbie cupcake or something.
Ew, that might be freaky! lol
I've got to do something with her hair first...I'm not a fan of hair in my food, real or otherwise. ;-)
Wish me luck!

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