Saturday, September 17, 2011

Have our cake...

I finished Barbie Cake #2 this evening.
I think it looks better than the first one, now that I've had some practice. ;-)
Pictures to come!
Both girls were really interested in the decorating, Shi wants to practice cake decorating too now so I think a cupcake decorating "craft" is on our agenda. :)
Well...once we start wanting cake again. Two cakes in one week is enough to last us awhile!

I had just finished dressing the girls in their Princess costumes for Shi's birthday when Vivi said to me "Mama, Shiloh and I will be the Princesses and you can wear brown and then you can be The Beast!"
So sweet when they include me in their play. lol

Some of Shiloh's schoolwork this week had her looking at a picture and then writing the word down. Like "bat" or "sun".
One picture of a Doctor and Patient had her confused as to what word they wanted so I was helping her.
"Yes, it's a Doctor and a Boy but those aren't the words they want. What is the boy getting?"
 "A shot?"
"Yes, shot is the word that they want you to write."
"But, he's happy!" Shi said pointing to the boy "He's getting a shot and he's happy??"
Oh, I was laughing so hard. She was SO serious. :)

That boy was oddly happy now that she mentioned it...

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