Sunday, September 25, 2011

I love Pie...

DH wanted to run to Home Depot.
They had a sale going with several things that he wanted/needed.
They have Car carts there so the girls were golden. :)

We also came home with these three bushes.
(the bare spot on the lawn is from the girls' pool)
Blueberry bushes!
Hopefully three is enough. In researching I found a lot of varied information how many I needed.
These are certainly the biggest blueberry bushes I've found for sale.
DH put some landscaping stones around and they look so nice. :)
I'm so excited, I hope they produce well!

It was quite humid this morning and the sun was hot so Daddy gave the girls umbrellas.
They loved carrying umbrellas around. :)

I made a meat pie for a late dinner tonight.
I added green peppers...just because I had them on hand, to the ground turkey, potatoes, carrots and onions.
Oh, so good!
Vivi seems to like it too. :)

Her cold is better today and she even slept through the night! yay!
Vivi's favorite story from the library this past trip is "May Belle and the Ogre"

It's so cute to hear her sing the little song from the book.
"Mix it, Mix it, Oh my
Roll it, Roll it, By and by
Bake it, Bake it, Blueberry Pie

Yum, maybe I need to get a few more Blueberry bushes....

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