Sunday, September 04, 2011

Power naps

We had some big storms this evening.
More rain, thunder, and lightning than we had from the Hurricane!
Then our power went out.
Vivi woke from her nap, quite miserable and sweating since her fan went off with the power.
Fortunately the power wasn't off for too long, about half an hour.
And a few minutes after it came back on and her fan started running again, Vivi was sound asleep...and her nap has carried into her bedtime now.
Hopefully she'll sleep through.
Must be she power naps! (lol, get it? she needs power to nap)
When I was able to get online again, I found out that the storm set off a tornado!
I saw a video of it, scary!
We are so not prepared for tornadoes here, this one had no warning. It even took the NWS a long time after the tornado had passed for them to confirm it.

I took the girls out fabric shopping.
We have too many opinions between all of us, lol.
And despite Shiloh urgently (and loudly) shouting that she "had to poop!" and the store not having a restroom, I was still able to find a patterned fabric that we all agreed on.
I wanted it to go with my couch covers.
But when I got home I laid the fabric on the couch and went "Oh, that doesn't match at all"...then I check again this morning and it looked better.
So we shall see!
I wanted to start sewing this afternoon, but the sewing machine needed power...which I didn't have. ;-)

I also have some sewing plans for the kitchen. I even have a couple of easy tops that I'd like to try to sew, not knit.
But I'm apprehensive about that since my sewing skills are not impressive.
These are relatively simple least in my mind. lol

The girls have started the new school year.
Shi is doing 1st grade, and Vivi is Pre-school.
They LOVE it!
Shi is still in the easy beginning pages of her work so she is just breezing through them. She can read the instructions herself and it makes it so easy for me because I can focus more on helping Vivi.
Vivian seems to learn really well with flashcards. Writing letters is hard for her but she keeps proudly writing "A, O, V, & Q's" on her pages.
Numbers are very confusing for her though, so we need to focus on those a bit.
I showed her the number 10, and she said "It's an "o" and an "i"." ;-)
She is thrilled to be a big girl and doing schoolwork like Shiloh. :)
They keeping asking to do their schoolwork first thing and I have to keep telling them "Wait until Mama has breakfast first! And coffee! More coffee!"

Well, I'll enjoy it while it lasts. :)

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