Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Preparing for Fall

The Hydrangea covers that DH made have worked really well.
We tuck covering inside the lattice when we have frost (or snow).
We've had to cover the Hydrangeas twice already for a threat of frost during the night and they still have beautiful buds and blossoms. :)
One of the many reasons I love Hydrangeas...both blue/purple blossoms and pink blossoms on the same bush!

I've been looking for a Fall/Autumn craft for the girls to do this week.
(Since Fall officially starts on Friday...where did the Summer go?)

I finally found this tree craft, and I just love it.
I love crafts that capture their little hand or foot prints anyways...children just grow too quickly so I love anything that commemorates them at this exact age. :)
I traced their hands and arm(s) on brown construction paper for the tree trunk.
I did two trees for Vivi, both of her arms, since her arms are so small.
(BTW: I used extra-long construction paper.)

Then I gave the girls the option of using paints & making thumbprints for the leaves or cutting out bits of construction paper. They both opted for cutting paper.
I've just started letting Vivian use safety scissors as part of her Preschool work.
I'm not nearly as nervous as I was (or still am) with Shiloh and scissors. lol

Vivian's adorable trees. :)

Shiloh's beautiful tree.
I love how she has the leaves falling. :)

Tada! My beautiful Autumn decorations!

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