Monday, September 05, 2011

Rich man, wish man

While I was driving the girls around today, Shiloh was belting out "Abba" in the backseat.
"Money, Money, Money...
Must be funny....
In a Wish Man's world....

"All the things I could do...
If I had a little money....
It's a Wish man's world!"

Lol, I was surprised she knew so many lyrics. :)

I found a couple more Hydrangeas on clearance at Wal-Mart today.
I think three in front of the house will look nice and I can fill in the gaps with different plants or flowers.
I'm hoping they'll do well here.

I've discovered that Roses do not do well here at all.
I am on my last one now and when it goes, I think I'll plant something else.
The rose midges and Japanese beetles are just too overwhelming!
I have to spray constantly and try to keep the girls away while I'm doing it...and it's a losing battle.
It's a good sunny area so I'll try something else. Something hardy!

I bought the hydrangeas from Walmart's outdoor area.
They were quite soaked from the storms we've had so I didn't mess with them too much.
I tucked them behind my seat in the truck and told Vivi (who was sitting closest) not to kick them because she'd get wet.

Just as I pulled into the driveway, Shiloh goes "Spider... SPIDER!! SPIDER!!!!"
Then both girls let out long-lasting and ear-piercing screams worthy of the Tower of Terror.
I jump out of the car and whip the door open.
Vivian is trying to pull her legs up to her chest, while screaming.
On the back of my seat....near where my head and shoulder just were, is a huge spider, probably another grass spider.
The kind with the long legs that you just know can move super-fast...and will move fast AT YOU!
I'm sure I would've screamed louder than the girls if he had climbed on me!

By the way, I have no idea where they get their fear of bugs from...
It's a mystery.

So remember to shake out your plants before you buy them!
I was planning to put the bushes in my laundry room to await planting.
But now they are going to wait patiently in the garage until DH can plant them.
Well, after I tell him that the plants even exist...then he can plant them. ;-)

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