Friday, September 09, 2011

The Run around, and around, and around..

Crazy week! I think I'll end up having to write two posts just to catch up!

Yesterday morning we had a bunch of errands to run so we started out early.
I didn't even get a chance to go online before we left, which is where I check out the local news and weather.
I was busy getting the girls ready and everybody fed and all our stuff together for the errands etc.

We go to the post office first, no problem there.
Then I wanted to pay my dentist bill in person because I had misplaced the bill (which I never do so it really bothered me!) and it was due Friday (today) so I wanted to make sure it got there in time.
But Main street was all closed off...apparently due to flooding, not of the street but everyone's basements on the street and the Fire trucks needed room for pumping those out.
So we ran to the bank and then I decided to try the round-about way to the Dentist's, and that way was clear so I made it to the office and dropped off my payment.

Then we went to head out to Walmart and Home Depot.
Road closed.
Hmm, I really should have checked the news before we left...
So we had to take the long way to get there.
It was just for quick stops too so we really spent more time driving, I think.
We got our stuff from Walmart pretty fast, stopped at Home Depot and they didn't have what we needed. It's a "seasonal" item and it's not that season yet, I guess!
So we stop at Lowe's, nope same thing there.

We got back home and now DH's electronic thing he just bought from Walmart doesn't work.
Now DH is impatient...very impatient...majorly impatient...get the idea?
So now we have to head out to a closer Walmart to exchange it.
Get back and new electronic thing does not work.
So then he sends me out to Radio Shack.

Are you ready for this?
They are closed.
The whole strip mall is closed.
Their power is out.
Think maybe God is trying to teach my husband patience?? ;-)

I'm not sure it worked though.
He's now bought it online. ((sigh))

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