Saturday, September 10, 2011

Running around some more...

Flooding and power outages keep foiling us at every turn.

Our latest flooding wasn't what you would expect...
We came home after being away for a good part of the day, and detoured by flooded roads, to find Cinderella had a flood in her bin.
She was pretty wet and hiding inside a half-damp paper roll.
She tends to be messy so it looks like she had kept pushing bedding and things against the spout of her water bottle which caused it to continually drip. She had pretty much emptied her full water bottle!
I checked the bottle out and it is working properly so it didn't just leak on its own...
Thankfully (because she tends to be so messy) I line the bottom of her cage with cardboard, so that absorbed a lot of the water...otherwise she would have been swimming!
I got her bin all cleaned up and dried off and she's been behaving so far.

Then last night our power went out, rather randomly. It hadn't even been storming.
So we didn't end up getting to sleep until late after getting the girls settled with substitute nightlights and unplugging things around the house that are sensitive.
Fortunately, the power was on again this morning as we had to run out to Walmart...yes, yet again.
DH needed a new tube for his bike tire. It had an ongoing slow leak from a puncture and his attempts to repair it had failed.
The roads were all cleared now so we had a quick drive while the girls loudly serenaded us from the backseat.
They are such Morning people! ;-p lol

We get out to Walmart and we were pleased that the parking lot was so empty. We thought it was just because we were there early, before 8am.
They have no power.
So they are closed. Yes, closed.

Because he needs his bike, we drove to another Walmart (yet again).
Feeling pretty fortunate to have two Walmarts locally though!
We called them on the way there to make sure they were open...and had power...and weren't flooded...or hit by a train or something!
At last we were able to get the bike tube and DH repaired the tire this morning. :)

I wanted to take the girls to a craft show this morning, but with everything we were rather tired of running around everywhere...and just tired in general too.
So we stayed in and had a quiet day.
I made a couple of loaves of zucchini bread with our last zucchini from the garden.
It was a big squash so I even had enough left over to slice up and freeze for a later use.

Shiloh had her 1st math test and she did so well.
Her only mistake was a simple one, she wrote "08" instead of "18" when she was asked to write eighteen.
As part of the test, She also needed to do five simple math (addition) problems in her head and I thought that might trip her up but she aced it! :)
I'm so proud of her! :)

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