Friday, September 16, 2011

Two hour Lunch

We had a busy and long day yesterday.
Shiloh had a Doctor's appointment, her 5 year old check-up.
I told her about the vaccines ahead of time. She was a little nervous then but I think it was better than just springing it on her...she tends to get a little panicky if she doesn't know what's going on.
Everyone was really sweet and kept commenting that they couldn't believe the little baby I first brought in there, is already five!
Me neither!
While we we waiting, Shi was sitting on my lap and hugged me and said "Mom, I am now five....but I still feel like four." :)
In the afternoon Shi complained that her one leg ached where she had received two shots, but it wasn't hard or red and she never got a fever.
I gave her some pain reliever and then she was fine.

We went to Target and I got some good deals on school supplies, like safety scissors for Vivian.
I even was able to use coupons to get the girls a game for .99 cents! (normally $6.99!)
They also had the chewable Children's Ibuprofen there that I have been looking forever and everywhere for!! I was so excited! :-D
It's a Mom thrill. lol

We had a sudden frost last night so DH spend hours making covers for my hydrangeas.
I love him for it! :)
They look great too, he did an awesome job.
He said one of our neighbors drove by and gave him a thumbs up, so he was quite happy to have neighbor approval too. :)

Hmm, they do look much better than my suggestion to put a bucket over each one. lol

We also had the longest lunch ever, yesterday. :-p
We went to Friendly's...and we were stuck there for more than TWO hours.
Everything took forever. DH said he was hungry again by the time we left.
The food had definitely shrunk in size. The soup bowls were smaller and Vivi's hamburgers were as thin as McDonald's ones.
Vivi had to use the bathroom. It is still difficult to get her to use a public bathroom, she gets nervous but she will do it when she has to.
But it's impossible to get her to go when there are flies flying all around the bathroom...she is quite fearful of flies.
So I wasn't able to get her to use the bathroom, but we were almost done and going right home anyways so I wasn't thinking anything of it.

Until something happened with the waitress. She just totally dropped the ball on ALL of her customers....which weren't even many, the restaurant had about 6 tables occupied when we left.
She messed up our bill. Messed up our ice cream. Never even brought ice cream to the other family in the room, they finally left without theirs.
Vivi fell asleep in my arms and we still didn't have our money back from her mess-up OR our ice cream yet.

We finally got back home and I laid Vivi on the couch and started putting away groceries and laundry, gave Shi some medicine for her leg etc. etc.
I momentarily thought maybe I should try moving Vivi to her bed or maybe even waking her because I knew she didn't use the restroom but she hadn't eaten or drank much and then I got distracted.

So later I'm washing two loads of laundry containing the couch cover and one cushion cover, on a rainy day and hoping they dry.
I told DH not to bring it up to Vivi though because it really wasn't her fault. (plus it was only a small accident and then she woke fully and was able to go to the bathroom)
I'll just consider it getting a jump on my Fall cleaning...

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