Monday, October 31, 2011

Bye October!

All bundled up for the cold and snow!
(that little one is trouble!) ;-)
A picture of our snow...while it lasted.

It was chilly in the house the other day, but the sunshine was so bright and warm so we decided to enjoy it. :)
I brought my knitting and a cup of tea and Shi had her schoolwork and we sat in the sunbeam.

It doesn't get much better than that. :)

Vivian has been singing almost everything.
It's like she stuck in a little musical, lol.
Tonight she sang "i tried my soup, and it's not too hot. It's not too hot!
So i can eat it.
I gonna eat it!"

She's so funny. :)
Vivi also keeps telling me "Mom, you not payin 'tention to me! i tellin you and you not payin 'tention."
And after she sneezes (with a quite offended tone) "Isn't anybody going to bless me?"
After I told her to wait a minute for the second or third time, she said sheepishly "I am not patient." lol

It was quite chilly today but I decided to take the girls to the library anyways because they were tired of their library books. Okay, to be honest I was tired of Vivian picking the same book out to read every single night!
We got to the library less than half an hour after they opened, but it turned out to be good timing (well, depending how you look at it.)
When we got there, three firetrucks were in front of the building and all the librarians and patrons had been evacuated...some without even their coats!
I decided to wait on a side street assuming it was a faulty alarm or something...after all it is Halloween, so maybe even just a prank call.
Then after about 15 minutes, the fire men started taking things off their trucks and bringing them into the library.
When they brought their huge ladders into the library, I decided to head for home.
I still haven't heard what the problem was/is.
I guess I'll probably call first before I head over there again to make sure everything is
 back to normal!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Must be able to handle multiple lines...

 I had an Eye Doctor appt. yesterday.
I am running out of contacts and my last exam was over 3 years ago so I was due.
DH took the girls shopping while I was at the Doctors.
I don't mind leaving him home with the girls, but out and about it tends to make me nervous.
He just doesn't always pay enough attention.
My exam didn't take long at all and went quite well.
My eyes haven't gotten any worse and even slightly improved. :)

Then I found DH and the girls shopping.
I was instantly bombarded with all three talking at once.
DH: "How did it go?"
Vivi: "Mama, can I have a snack?"
Shiloh: "Mom, can I get out of the cart now?"
Me: "Great!" "Vivi, Did you already have a snack?" "Shi, wait just a second"DH: "I bought a few things, look at this."
Vivi: "I want one of those cookies that you made."
Shiloh: "I don't like those cookies."
DH: "Do you have my shopping list?"
Vivi: (seeing me reaching for the cookie bag) "Yes, those cookies are YUM!"
Shiloh: "Mom, can I get out now? I didn't want to get out when Dada was watching both of us 'cause he might lose me."
Me: (hand cookie to Vivi, lift Shiloh out of cart and inform DH that he didn't have a shopping list)
DH: "Are we ready to go now?"
Me: "Not yet! I have a shopping list!"

It's nice to be missed and needed, but talk about frazzling!

We came home to this bit of entertainment.
Our neighbors had hired someone to clear a line of trees on their property.
It was pretty interesting...especially since the guy kept dropping the treetops on his head.
Almost every single tree!
Look at the one in the picture...where do think it's going to land?
DH was hoping that maybe clearing these trees would improve our TV antenna signal, but it's a bit hard to say if there's a difference.
Most of the trees have lost their leaves so the signal has improved anyways.
I've been looking for Charlie Brown's "Great Pumpkin" to be on, but I haven't seen it yet.
The girls' love watching Peanuts. :)

Princess Pets

 The Princess Pets
Did you ever notice that in most Princess cartoons, the princesses have pets?
From chameleons to mice!
So I guess our goldfish and hamsters fit as "Princess pets". ;-)

The pets, in their new location since we moved the piano.
I save a lot of boxes and toilet paper tubes to use for hamster houses and play areas.
Today when I was cleaning their bins, Rory got a "princess" box for her bedding area.
She loves kleenex boxes, so this works great for her.
Can you find Rory in the picture? ;-)

Cinderella, my messy hamster, has a Cheerio box...taken apart.
She also gets a bit of a sock, she loves that.
One of DH's old socks cuts into about 4 beds for her.
The way she ruins them one doesn't last too long, a week or two.
I wanted to get more pictures of her but she was spazzing a bit at the excitement of her bin all cleaned and changed around.

The Princesses...watching Wonderpets together.
Vivian is really into it now, even pretending to eat celery like they do on the show. ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Schooling funnies

Shiloh is supposed to be learning rhyming words in her schoolwork.
It has been...hysterical!

"Shiloh, they want you to write a word that rhymes with rake. Can you think of a word that sounds like rake?"
"No...Um, lamb?" she replies, seeing her stuffed lamb sitting beside her.
"Lamb, and rake do not sound like each other. Hmm...let me think.
I go into the kitchen and...."
"No, Cook and Rake do not sound alike! I go and do 'what' to a pie?"
"Put apples in it?"
"Put apples in it?! PUT APPLES IN IT?! What?!" At that point I dissolved into hysterical laughter, complete with tears running down my face.
Then Shi pipes up "How about make?"
Ahahahaha! I think she's got it!!

...Or not.

One of today's rhyming words was "Cow".
"Shi, we need a word that rhymes with Cow, Can you think of a word?"
"No, we're not doing compound words now. They need a rhyming word, a word that sounds like cow."
"Cowboy! Cowgirl! What's the difference?"
"No, we need a word that sounds like Cow."

Then Vivi pipes up "MOOOOOOooooooooo! That sounds like a cow! That sounds like a cow, Shiloh!"

Hysterical! Hysterical! And they are so serious and have no clue why I am laughing so hard. :-D

Vivi tells me "I wish I could do Shiloh's schoolwork. That is fun!" Lol.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living with a Martian

There are some things I've never wondered about...DH and the kids take care of that though.

While we were driving the other day DH brought up this topic.
DH: "So which one do you think would win, X-Men or Transformers?"
"What? What are you talking about?"
"I really though Optimus Prime was pretty cool, but then I saw Magneto.
He could just pick up all the Transformers and rip them apart!
So what do you think?"
"Uh, I honestly never thought about it."
"They acted like people were really weak in Transformers, but they didn't fight Mutants."
"Uh, because they're two separate MOVIES."
"Just play with me, so what do you think?"
"Yeah, I guess you're right...unless the Transformers could demagnetize themselves?"
"Yeah, hmm."
"But every time they make a movie they add more powers to the Mutants. So I guess Mutants would probably win."
(Deep conversation there, People.)

The girls have had a nightlight sitting on their dresser.
It had a little nightlight bulb that fit into a glass figurine. The other day when I went to turn it on, the bulb kept flickering off and on. I removed it thinking that it just needed to be tightened and in the process, blew the bulb.
I wasn't sure where we kept the extra bulbs so I found a different nightlight for the girls and put the other aside until DH could give me another bulb.
The next day DH went to put in the new bulb and suddenly this huge white spark shot out from the bottom of the socket.
It shocked him and left a large black mark on his hand and arm, and it also blackened the cord.
But oddly didn't blow the bulb!
Needless to say, we threw that entire cord and socket away.
And I might make DH the official bulb changer from now on...that was scary!
So thankful it didn't do that by itself during the night!!!
DH now glows in the dark, but otherwise he's okay. ;-)
The weather is getting colder now. I just saw that there is snow in our forecast...Ack!
DH called me last night from work and asked me to clean all the vents so he could turn the furnace on when he got home.
So I got my dustbuster and a bucket of soapy water and went to work.
I spray the vents with bug spray all Summer, but thankfully there weren't really any dead insects to clean up this year.
That is....until I got a sticky bug trap stuck in my hair.

Yep, I was trying to inspect the vent closely in case any of the girls little toys or crayons had dropped down there and forgot about the sticky trap.
So stylish....and painful to remove!

I also had to move our couch and dining room table since they were blocking/partially blocking vents.
DH helped me rearrange the furniture a bit this morning.
He suggested moving the piano, and I'm always game for rearranging things. :)
I started hauling the piano out and he shouts
"Wait! Wait for me! You have to make me feel useful!" Lol
The piano is quite heavy so he had some sliders to fit underneath.
Wow, those are awesome!
You feel like Wonderwoman, able to move furniture with your pinky! ;-)
Then we moved Rory, Cinderella, and Tomick and their bookcase to the stairwell.
We're just hoping the noise from the hamsters at night isn't too annoying from that location, or we'll have to rethink it a bit!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blessed Quietness

We were finally able to get headphones working on my piano!
We had bought headphones for it, but they needed an adapter to fit...we finally received the adapter the other day.
Do you know what this means?

I can play piano after the kids are asleep!
Or while Vivi is napping!
Or while DH is watching a movie!
I can play by myself, without little fingers plinking and plunking on all the keys.
While I love my musical duets with the girls, it's nice to hear just my notes, by themselves, once again.
It's been a l-o-n-g time! ;-)

So long, in fact, that my own notes are pretty plunky! :-p

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scarecrow craft

I found ideas for this craft on several sites....and many variations too.
And of course, the girls added their own flair. :)
It took a lot of prep work on my part, but then I got to mostly sit back and let the girls do their thing.

Shiloh putting legs on her first Scarecrow man.
Vivian decorating her Scarecrow's hat.

Shiloh's finished Scarecrows. :)
Too cute. She did one without hair (notice that she gave him ears though) and I think he looks more like an Elf than a Scarecrow.
Hmm, maybe I can repeat this craft at Christmastime!
They also look a bit like the Scarecrow and Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. :)
Vivian's two Scarecrows.
They look a bit shocked. :)
She even put the detail of buttons on each one, and they both have various letters written on/near them. She is so proud to have learned her Full (uppercase/lowercase) Alphabet. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Some New product Reviews

Scrubbing Bubbles One-Step Toilet Cleaner

I was a bit skeptical at first, but I was looking for something to keep the toilet fresher.
I like that you just step on the little lever and it sprays cleaner around the bowl.
You do have to keep the lid closed though, the first time I used it I wanted to see it do its stuff and Shiloh was across the room and shouted
"It's getting my foot wet!" ;-)
It does not eliminate the scrubbing, but I find that the toilet is cleaner just because it is so easy to use.
I usually went "Oh, the toilet needs cleaning...I'll do that when I get a minute" and repeat and repeat because the cleaner was under the sink and out of sight = out of mind.
Plus you have to open the child-proof cap of the cleaner, squirt it around, wait 10 minutes (without anyone using the toilet...which is like impossible here!) and then scrub.

The only downfall really is the expense.
A $2-3 bottle of cleaner versus a roughly $8-10 pump & cleaner, and $4 for refills.
The refills are supposed to last 30 days if you use it twice a day.
I've found a lot of sales and coupons though which help with the cost a lot.

Shout Color Catcher
I love these!
I got a free sample, so I tossed some darker clothes in with my white load.
Usually that would make the whites, dingy. But this little paper (looks like a dryer sheet) soaked up the color.
The sheets came out pink and white clothes came out white. :)
I hate to do small loads of laundry so it's nice to have these color catchers to toss in when I don't quite have a full load of whites or darks.
I can toss some brown pants in with my lighter clothes to make a full load and they all come out clean and the same colors as when I put them in. 

A Pumpkin craft

After schoolwork today, we did a pumpkin craft. :)
As soon as we finished making them, the girls (being totally girly-girls) promptly put their arms through the loops of paper and said
"Look! Now we have Pumpkin Bracelets!" ;-)

Then Shiloh asked "Can we make Acorn Squash next?" lol

I found really cute scarecrows for them to make, so I think that will be our next project. :)

I also wanted to buy a "Snip It" book for Vivian.
Shiloh was about the same age when she did the book and she loved it.
Vivi also likes cutting with her safety scissors (though she's not very good yet) and wants it to be a part of her daily pre-school stuff.
I've found it at Target and Walmart and it was much more expensive than I remember it being when I got it for Shi, same exact book too. So I've been putting it off and looking for coupons or sales.
Tada! Walmart just had them on clearance!
Yay! :)

I got a beauty injury today. :(
I was feeling around in my makeup bag trying to find my comb, because I was going to trim Vivian's bangs and I sliced my finger on my eyeliner sharpener!
Ouch! It bled a lot too...ick!
Grossed Shiloh out pretty good.
I went to find a bandaid and all I could find were "Hello Kitty" ones.
We don't have many of those so I didn't want to waste one, so I had go upstairs and try not to drip on the carpet, to find a plain bandaid.

Why is it, You always injure your hand when you have a sinkful of dishes to do?
Thankfully, my Mom got me some nice rubber gloves so I can still get the job done.
I have a sweet hubby who will do them for me too, but he works hard enough as it is. :)
Gotta remember to move that sharpener before I injure myself again, too!
Thankfully it wasn't one of the girls, they are in my bag all the time!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm not a Dr. I just play one to the stuffed animals...

The other day we found these Butterfly wall clings at the Dollar store.
They are so pretty and detailed!
We bought them for the girls room and I was just going to put them on the walls but then I was laying on the girls' bed reading to them and realized that putting the butterflies on the ceiling could be pretty neat. :)
It looks a little cluttered in this photo, but it really does look nice.
Then the girls kept me busy sewing this evening.
Vivian brought me her stuffed snake...with a big boo-boo!
Knocked the stuffing right out of him...
3-0 Vicryl! Stat!
 I used small stitches...barely left a scar.
Perhaps I missed my calling, stuffed animal surgery? ;-)
Then I needed to repair the kitty quilt on their bed.
It used to be my quilt, quite awhile ago so its actually held up really well!

Other than that, I tried to take it easy today and sip hot tea.
I was up at 3am. sick to my stomach. :-P
DH got up with me and helped me make tea, which was sweet...though honestly I would have preferred to be left alone.
He is just not a person you want around you when you are nauseous.
He kept wanting to discuss what I might have eaten to cause my stomach upset.
Then he decided to eat a Banana. At 3 am!
And everyone knows I don't care for bananas, even when I feel good...much less when I'm sick!
Anyways we concluded that it was the food that I ate, which was too rich and eaten too late at night for me to handle, which did me in.
At least it wasn't Stomach Flu which I was worried about since then the girls could have caught it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Princess and the mattresses

It was so nice to have beautiful weather for the holiday weekend. :)
We didn't find any real holiday sales out there, but the girls and I took a nice shopping trip.
We went to the craft store and I was really tempted to buy their cute scarecrows that were deeply discounted but then reality set it. I don't really have a place to display it and storing a big scarecrow...and then remembering it again next year was not an appealing thought.

The girls begged to visit the pet store too.
Shi is quite impatient for SmartPets (Petsmart) to open up, but in the meantime we visited the little store where we got Rory and Cinderella.
They had some huge bunnies there, which Vivi said she wanted to get one so it could pick up her toys for her.
Ha! If they did that, I'd buy a bunch! ;-)
There were a ton of mice too which kept spinning each other off their wheels, and the girls were laughing so hard and so loud that you would've thought they were being entertained by clowns or something, lol.

Then on a whim I decided to take the girls to a furniture store and just check out some beds.
I just wanted to mostly get an idea of the styles available since I'm going to need to get something for the girls eventually.
It quickly became an elimination of a lot of the beds available...and dealing with Salesmen made me want to eliminate buying from a furniture store altogether.
Though he did bring the girls some popcorn...which made him slightly less annoying.
Bunkbeds were a No on my list from the start, but when Shi saw one she said "I could sleep up there....but I'm gonna get scared!" lol
They also make loft beds which are slightly lower...still a No.
Then I checked out trundle beds. Ha!
Shi immediately said "No, I don't want Vivi to sleep there I want her to sleep with me!" so apparently it's not close enough for her (I'd also be afraid she'd step on her sister)
and all I could see would be how often I'd have to pull the thing out to fetch pillows, blankets and toys that are going to get lost under there! ;-)

I love the idea of beds with storage underneath. Drawers and shelves and space-saving = awesome!
But I quickly realized another problem I had not foreseen at all.
"Shiloh? Can you climb up on this bed please?"
Grunting, popcorn spilling... "I can't get up there, Mom! I can't do it!"
Just finding which beds were low enough for her get in and out of safely, eliminated a lot of styles....especially with the added height of the pillowtop mattresses that are so popular and common these days.
She looked like a litttle Princess and the Pea perched on most of those beds! ;-)
So I told the girls "Well, we have to get going home now...Vivi needs to take her nap."
Vivi perked up "I can take a nap here!" and she started running around trying to choose which bed to nap in. LOL, silly kid!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Along came a spider...

Has anyone else noticed all the spiders?

There were several spiders in my hibiscus, then yesterday we were trimming our lilac bush and there were more spiders in that.
Thankfully we decided to trim lower branches and not the top ones, so spiders weren't dropping on my they did when I trimmed the hibiscus.
There also spiders all over my hydrangea bushes.
We had our first hard freeze which marked the official "End of the growing Season" according to the weathermen.
We covered up the hydrangeas and they handled it great, still blooming beautiful and there are several new buds coming too. :)
Now we get to go from a hard freeze to 80 degree temps? Crazy weather!

Unfortunately it's not only outside that I've found spiders & cobwebs.
I've noticed an increase indoors as well.
DH said he thinks they are all just trying to find shelter before winter sets in.
But not in my house, thank you. ((shudder))

The library had a Reading Level 3 book of Bunnicula!
It was a bit longer, and had less pictures than most of the books the girls get, but I really couldn't resist. :)
The girls liked it and we've read it twice, but I don't think it holds a candle (in their opinion) to "Mr. Putter and Tabby" books or a few others.
Shiloh has lately liked for us to take turns reading pages of their bedtime stories.
Vivian tends to memorize a story, then she recites it to us in her version...(so cute) and after she'll hand me the book so I can read it.

They also both love to wake early in the morning (6am!) and read/look at books in their bed.
I would say it's nice for them to have a quiet activity in the morning, but it's not as quiet as you might think.
They call me for potty breaks, tissues, because someone is hogging the blanket....and there's a lot of noise when they try to find a certain stuffed animal so they can read to him. Then more calls for me to go downstairs to find the missing animal that positively cannot wait until a decent hour to find out what adventure Mr. Putter and Tabby are about to go on.
At least they are loving books and reading.

I was putting in a movie for the girls and Vivian goes "The TV says S-A-N-Y-O, that's what it says on the TV. See it?" She read each of the letters...maybe reading won't be too far off?
She also wrote her name the other day. I had to take a picture, of course! :)
She looks so proud. :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fall cleaning: Inside and Out

When we took our trip to Kohl's last week, we did buy one thing.
This tree with birds decal. :)
It's smaller than we expected though...but still pretty.
Notice the blanket on the back of the couch?
I almost bought a blanket at Kohl's because it had the blue and brown and I wanted a blanket for the couch that matched.
Totally forgot that I had this one til Vivi pulled it out. It goes nicely!

This is the other side of my living room...for now.
Things have to move around again once we turn the heat on. I'll have to haul one couch off of a heating vent.
Good thing I like rearranging, right? ;-)
My cactus likes sun so I was trying to find it a sunny spot with our porch becoming too cold at night now.
I'm just hoping the girls don't topple it. The cactus is not prickly but it can be a bit "grabby" when you walk by it.
I also pulled this little white table out of the playroom and moved our hope chest/coffee table in there instead.
It was always covered with Little Pets and Ponies and Squinkies now they're just in a more suitable room.
It keeps the house neater too...which is not to say I haven't sat on a Squinkie or had to remove a pony, a stuffed flamingo, a piece of paper that the girls were using as a map, a picnic basket, and a toy cup from my table...but still, it's neater. ;-)

The girls and I spent some time outside this afternoon.
The Woolly Bear Callapitter was out again and crawling around the yard.
We also found a grasshopper so the girls were busy with trying to get it to hop and then finding where it landed.
I pulled out the hedge trimmers and hacked away at our hibiscus.
Leaves, branches, and a spider fell on my head.
Yes, a spider. Eek! Shower time! Shower time!

But the hibiscus looks much better and neater now.
The girls also helped me by raking away the branches and leaves.
I asked the girls to move the branches to the bare spot in the yard where the pool used to be.
Shiloh did that, but later when I went to put away the trimmers and rakes I found a big pile of leaves and branches in the garage.
DH has the pool tied up in there and Vivian had misunderstood and piled it up all the branches under the pool instead. :)

Then I started pulling up the bean plants and Shiloh started crying because she didn't want the garden to end.
She did cheer up at the thought of playing in the snow!
But um, that thought doesn't really cheer me up though! ;-)

Monday, October 03, 2011

Teacher Teacher

The Fall weather is starting, and it's been quite chilly on some days.
It finally pushed me to get out my winter clothes today.
The girls and DH have had their winter wardrobes for awhile but I kept forgetting to pull out mine.
After schoolwork, I brought the girls upstairs and they sat on my bed and watched PBS while I went through my clothes.
They rarely get to watch it so they were riveted to WordWorld and some other Word show.

I also put away some of my more summery decorations and brought out my Fall decor.
I'm happy to get everything decorated now.
It seems like I'm always so slow at getting them up that they only spend a couple weeks before I need to pull out the Christmas stuff instead.
...Or even worse, when I go to pull out my Christmas stuff, I find all my Fall decorations that I never put out. ;-)

I have four small acorn squash from the garden that I'm using for decorations.
The vines dried up so they weren't going to get any bigger.
Free decorations! :)

Schoolwork has been going well.
Shiloh's work has things that I wasn't expecting, like speed drills and frequent math and spelling tests, but she has been doing really well.
She does some simple mistakes that I think are just because of her young age, like writing certain numbers backwards sometimes.
But it's not that she can't do the addition or subtraction problem it's just that the "9" is written as a "P" instead.
It's so odd to me though that if we were in a different state, she would be considered too young for even Kindergarten based on her age and birthday.
She's just doing and learning so much. :)

She also loves to teach her sister...and Vivi loves it as well.
We do flashcards for Viv and Shi loves to do those with her, and some times I set them up on the Starfall website.
I asked Shiloh to do some of the Letters on there for Vivi and she folded her hands so seriously and asked me "Okay Mom, what Letter does she need help with? What Letters does she not know?" ;-)
Such a helper. :)

Vivi also likes to get her kicks as a teacher. She holds up color flashcards to everyone "What color dis? dats right! What color dis? i give u nudder chance...dats right! I good teacher!" :)

Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Callapitter and the Magic curtains.

We've had a little woolly bear Caterpillar hanging around our back porch.
He's pretty fearless so the girls have been quite entertained by him. He rarely curls up no matter what the girls do.
Shiloh will pet him, and they both give him big handfuls of grass and clover and dandelions.
Vivi says he's a "Callapitter" and she calls him like he's a puppy and get upset when he doesn't eat the leaf that she's dangling high above his head.
But it's "dewishish" she coaxes him. :)

We took a trip to Kohl's the other day.
I haven't been to one of their stores in ages!
We were looking at their Christmas displays and they had little 3' trees.
One in pink, one in purple.
Lol, the girls love them!
Must be copied from those lovely pink and purple forests that are...oh so common. ;-)

Target had some great deals though!
I bought some oven mitts for .74 cents apiece and they are sooo soft inside.
I want to wear them all the time! :)
They had a couple curtains on clearance also.
I hung those up today.
They looked so nice that then I had to scrub my bathroom, clean up the toy room, and rearrange my living room.
Yes, magic curtains. ;-)

I found some of the girls missing My Little Ponies while I was cleaning so they were very happy and busy playing with ALL their ponies.
The girls only have one full-size pony and a bunch of smaller ones, so the big one was dubbed the Mama.
Which caused a lot of confusion for me since I kept thinking the girls were calling me, when it was their little ponies calling the Mama.
Finally Shiloh told me "This is the ponies' Mama. You are not their Mama, you belong to us!" lol
Good to know where I belong.