Friday, October 07, 2011

Along came a spider...

Has anyone else noticed all the spiders?

There were several spiders in my hibiscus, then yesterday we were trimming our lilac bush and there were more spiders in that.
Thankfully we decided to trim lower branches and not the top ones, so spiders weren't dropping on my they did when I trimmed the hibiscus.
There also spiders all over my hydrangea bushes.
We had our first hard freeze which marked the official "End of the growing Season" according to the weathermen.
We covered up the hydrangeas and they handled it great, still blooming beautiful and there are several new buds coming too. :)
Now we get to go from a hard freeze to 80 degree temps? Crazy weather!

Unfortunately it's not only outside that I've found spiders & cobwebs.
I've noticed an increase indoors as well.
DH said he thinks they are all just trying to find shelter before winter sets in.
But not in my house, thank you. ((shudder))

The library had a Reading Level 3 book of Bunnicula!
It was a bit longer, and had less pictures than most of the books the girls get, but I really couldn't resist. :)
The girls liked it and we've read it twice, but I don't think it holds a candle (in their opinion) to "Mr. Putter and Tabby" books or a few others.
Shiloh has lately liked for us to take turns reading pages of their bedtime stories.
Vivian tends to memorize a story, then she recites it to us in her version...(so cute) and after she'll hand me the book so I can read it.

They also both love to wake early in the morning (6am!) and read/look at books in their bed.
I would say it's nice for them to have a quiet activity in the morning, but it's not as quiet as you might think.
They call me for potty breaks, tissues, because someone is hogging the blanket....and there's a lot of noise when they try to find a certain stuffed animal so they can read to him. Then more calls for me to go downstairs to find the missing animal that positively cannot wait until a decent hour to find out what adventure Mr. Putter and Tabby are about to go on.
At least they are loving books and reading.

I was putting in a movie for the girls and Vivian goes "The TV says S-A-N-Y-O, that's what it says on the TV. See it?" She read each of the letters...maybe reading won't be too far off?
She also wrote her name the other day. I had to take a picture, of course! :)
She looks so proud. :)

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