Monday, October 31, 2011

Bye October!

All bundled up for the cold and snow!
(that little one is trouble!) ;-)
A picture of our snow...while it lasted.

It was chilly in the house the other day, but the sunshine was so bright and warm so we decided to enjoy it. :)
I brought my knitting and a cup of tea and Shi had her schoolwork and we sat in the sunbeam.

It doesn't get much better than that. :)

Vivian has been singing almost everything.
It's like she stuck in a little musical, lol.
Tonight she sang "i tried my soup, and it's not too hot. It's not too hot!
So i can eat it.
I gonna eat it!"

She's so funny. :)
Vivi also keeps telling me "Mom, you not payin 'tention to me! i tellin you and you not payin 'tention."
And after she sneezes (with a quite offended tone) "Isn't anybody going to bless me?"
After I told her to wait a minute for the second or third time, she said sheepishly "I am not patient." lol

It was quite chilly today but I decided to take the girls to the library anyways because they were tired of their library books. Okay, to be honest I was tired of Vivian picking the same book out to read every single night!
We got to the library less than half an hour after they opened, but it turned out to be good timing (well, depending how you look at it.)
When we got there, three firetrucks were in front of the building and all the librarians and patrons had been evacuated...some without even their coats!
I decided to wait on a side street assuming it was a faulty alarm or something...after all it is Halloween, so maybe even just a prank call.
Then after about 15 minutes, the fire men started taking things off their trucks and bringing them into the library.
When they brought their huge ladders into the library, I decided to head for home.
I still haven't heard what the problem was/is.
I guess I'll probably call first before I head over there again to make sure everything is
 back to normal!

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