Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Callapitter and the Magic curtains.

We've had a little woolly bear Caterpillar hanging around our back porch.
He's pretty fearless so the girls have been quite entertained by him. He rarely curls up no matter what the girls do.
Shiloh will pet him, and they both give him big handfuls of grass and clover and dandelions.
Vivi says he's a "Callapitter" and she calls him like he's a puppy and get upset when he doesn't eat the leaf that she's dangling high above his head.
But it's "dewishish" she coaxes him. :)

We took a trip to Kohl's the other day.
I haven't been to one of their stores in ages!
We were looking at their Christmas displays and they had little 3' trees.
One in pink, one in purple.
Lol, the girls love them!
Must be copied from those lovely pink and purple forests that are...oh so common. ;-)

Target had some great deals though!
I bought some oven mitts for .74 cents apiece and they are sooo soft inside.
I want to wear them all the time! :)
They had a couple curtains on clearance also.
I hung those up today.
They looked so nice that then I had to scrub my bathroom, clean up the toy room, and rearrange my living room.
Yes, magic curtains. ;-)

I found some of the girls missing My Little Ponies while I was cleaning so they were very happy and busy playing with ALL their ponies.
The girls only have one full-size pony and a bunch of smaller ones, so the big one was dubbed the Mama.
Which caused a lot of confusion for me since I kept thinking the girls were calling me, when it was their little ponies calling the Mama.
Finally Shiloh told me "This is the ponies' Mama. You are not their Mama, you belong to us!" lol
Good to know where I belong.

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