Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fall cleaning: Inside and Out

When we took our trip to Kohl's last week, we did buy one thing.
This tree with birds decal. :)
It's smaller than we expected though...but still pretty.
Notice the blanket on the back of the couch?
I almost bought a blanket at Kohl's because it had the blue and brown and I wanted a blanket for the couch that matched.
Totally forgot that I had this one til Vivi pulled it out. It goes nicely!

This is the other side of my living room...for now.
Things have to move around again once we turn the heat on. I'll have to haul one couch off of a heating vent.
Good thing I like rearranging, right? ;-)
My cactus likes sun so I was trying to find it a sunny spot with our porch becoming too cold at night now.
I'm just hoping the girls don't topple it. The cactus is not prickly but it can be a bit "grabby" when you walk by it.
I also pulled this little white table out of the playroom and moved our hope chest/coffee table in there instead.
It was always covered with Little Pets and Ponies and Squinkies anyways...so now they're just in a more suitable room.
It keeps the house neater too...which is not to say I haven't sat on a Squinkie or had to remove a pony, a stuffed flamingo, a piece of paper that the girls were using as a map, a picnic basket, and a toy cup from my table...but still, it's neater. ;-)

The girls and I spent some time outside this afternoon.
The Woolly Bear Callapitter was out again and crawling around the yard.
We also found a grasshopper so the girls were busy with trying to get it to hop and then finding where it landed.
I pulled out the hedge trimmers and hacked away at our hibiscus.
Leaves, branches, and a spider fell on my head.
Yes, a spider. Eek! Shower time! Shower time!

But the hibiscus looks much better and neater now.
The girls also helped me by raking away the branches and leaves.
I asked the girls to move the branches to the bare spot in the yard where the pool used to be.
Shiloh did that, but later when I went to put away the trimmers and rakes I found a big pile of leaves and branches in the garage.
DH has the pool tied up in there and Vivian had misunderstood and piled it up all the branches under the pool instead. :)

Then I started pulling up the bean plants and Shiloh started crying because she didn't want the garden to end.
She did cheer up at the thought of playing in the snow!
But um, that thought doesn't really cheer me up though! ;-)

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