Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm not a Dr. I just play one to the stuffed animals...

The other day we found these Butterfly wall clings at the Dollar store.
They are so pretty and detailed!
We bought them for the girls room and I was just going to put them on the walls but then I was laying on the girls' bed reading to them and realized that putting the butterflies on the ceiling could be pretty neat. :)
It looks a little cluttered in this photo, but it really does look nice.
Then the girls kept me busy sewing this evening.
Vivian brought me her stuffed snake...with a big boo-boo!
Knocked the stuffing right out of him...
3-0 Vicryl! Stat!
 I used small stitches...barely left a scar.
Perhaps I missed my calling, stuffed animal surgery? ;-)
Then I needed to repair the kitty quilt on their bed.
It used to be my quilt, quite awhile ago so its actually held up really well!

Other than that, I tried to take it easy today and sip hot tea.
I was up at 3am. sick to my stomach. :-P
DH got up with me and helped me make tea, which was sweet...though honestly I would have preferred to be left alone.
He is just not a person you want around you when you are nauseous.
He kept wanting to discuss what I might have eaten to cause my stomach upset.
Then he decided to eat a Banana. At 3 am!
And everyone knows I don't care for bananas, even when I feel good...much less when I'm sick!
Anyways we concluded that it was the food that I ate, which was too rich and eaten too late at night for me to handle, which did me in.
At least it wasn't Stomach Flu which I was worried about since then the girls could have caught it.

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