Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living with a Martian

There are some things I've never wondered about...DH and the kids take care of that though.

While we were driving the other day DH brought up this topic.
DH: "So which one do you think would win, X-Men or Transformers?"
"What? What are you talking about?"
"I really though Optimus Prime was pretty cool, but then I saw Magneto.
He could just pick up all the Transformers and rip them apart!
So what do you think?"
"Uh, I honestly never thought about it."
"They acted like people were really weak in Transformers, but they didn't fight Mutants."
"Uh, because they're two separate MOVIES."
"Just play with me, so what do you think?"
"Yeah, I guess you're right...unless the Transformers could demagnetize themselves?"
"Yeah, hmm."
"But every time they make a movie they add more powers to the Mutants. So I guess Mutants would probably win."
(Deep conversation there, People.)

The girls have had a nightlight sitting on their dresser.
It had a little nightlight bulb that fit into a glass figurine. The other day when I went to turn it on, the bulb kept flickering off and on. I removed it thinking that it just needed to be tightened and in the process, blew the bulb.
I wasn't sure where we kept the extra bulbs so I found a different nightlight for the girls and put the other aside until DH could give me another bulb.
The next day DH went to put in the new bulb and suddenly this huge white spark shot out from the bottom of the socket.
It shocked him and left a large black mark on his hand and arm, and it also blackened the cord.
But oddly didn't blow the bulb!
Needless to say, we threw that entire cord and socket away.
And I might make DH the official bulb changer from now on...that was scary!
So thankful it didn't do that by itself during the night!!!
DH now glows in the dark, but otherwise he's okay. ;-)
The weather is getting colder now. I just saw that there is snow in our forecast...Ack!
DH called me last night from work and asked me to clean all the vents so he could turn the furnace on when he got home.
So I got my dustbuster and a bucket of soapy water and went to work.
I spray the vents with bug spray all Summer, but thankfully there weren't really any dead insects to clean up this year.
That is....until I got a sticky bug trap stuck in my hair.

Yep, I was trying to inspect the vent closely in case any of the girls little toys or crayons had dropped down there and forgot about the sticky trap.
So stylish....and painful to remove!

I also had to move our couch and dining room table since they were blocking/partially blocking vents.
DH helped me rearrange the furniture a bit this morning.
He suggested moving the piano, and I'm always game for rearranging things. :)
I started hauling the piano out and he shouts
"Wait! Wait for me! You have to make me feel useful!" Lol
The piano is quite heavy so he had some sliders to fit underneath.
Wow, those are awesome!
You feel like Wonderwoman, able to move furniture with your pinky! ;-)
Then we moved Rory, Cinderella, and Tomick and their bookcase to the stairwell.
We're just hoping the noise from the hamsters at night isn't too annoying from that location, or we'll have to rethink it a bit!

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