Friday, October 28, 2011

Must be able to handle multiple lines...

 I had an Eye Doctor appt. yesterday.
I am running out of contacts and my last exam was over 3 years ago so I was due.
DH took the girls shopping while I was at the Doctors.
I don't mind leaving him home with the girls, but out and about it tends to make me nervous.
He just doesn't always pay enough attention.
My exam didn't take long at all and went quite well.
My eyes haven't gotten any worse and even slightly improved. :)

Then I found DH and the girls shopping.
I was instantly bombarded with all three talking at once.
DH: "How did it go?"
Vivi: "Mama, can I have a snack?"
Shiloh: "Mom, can I get out of the cart now?"
Me: "Great!" "Vivi, Did you already have a snack?" "Shi, wait just a second"DH: "I bought a few things, look at this."
Vivi: "I want one of those cookies that you made."
Shiloh: "I don't like those cookies."
DH: "Do you have my shopping list?"
Vivi: (seeing me reaching for the cookie bag) "Yes, those cookies are YUM!"
Shiloh: "Mom, can I get out now? I didn't want to get out when Dada was watching both of us 'cause he might lose me."
Me: (hand cookie to Vivi, lift Shiloh out of cart and inform DH that he didn't have a shopping list)
DH: "Are we ready to go now?"
Me: "Not yet! I have a shopping list!"

It's nice to be missed and needed, but talk about frazzling!

We came home to this bit of entertainment.
Our neighbors had hired someone to clear a line of trees on their property.
It was pretty interesting...especially since the guy kept dropping the treetops on his head.
Almost every single tree!
Look at the one in the picture...where do think it's going to land?
DH was hoping that maybe clearing these trees would improve our TV antenna signal, but it's a bit hard to say if there's a difference.
Most of the trees have lost their leaves so the signal has improved anyways.
I've been looking for Charlie Brown's "Great Pumpkin" to be on, but I haven't seen it yet.
The girls' love watching Peanuts. :)

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