Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Princess and the mattresses

It was so nice to have beautiful weather for the holiday weekend. :)
We didn't find any real holiday sales out there, but the girls and I took a nice shopping trip.
We went to the craft store and I was really tempted to buy their cute scarecrows that were deeply discounted but then reality set it. I don't really have a place to display it and storing a big scarecrow...and then remembering it again next year was not an appealing thought.

The girls begged to visit the pet store too.
Shi is quite impatient for SmartPets (Petsmart) to open up, but in the meantime we visited the little store where we got Rory and Cinderella.
They had some huge bunnies there, which Vivi said she wanted to get one so it could pick up her toys for her.
Ha! If they did that, I'd buy a bunch! ;-)
There were a ton of mice too which kept spinning each other off their wheels, and the girls were laughing so hard and so loud that you would've thought they were being entertained by clowns or something, lol.

Then on a whim I decided to take the girls to a furniture store and just check out some beds.
I just wanted to mostly get an idea of the styles available since I'm going to need to get something for the girls eventually.
It quickly became an elimination of a lot of the beds available...and dealing with Salesmen made me want to eliminate buying from a furniture store altogether.
Though he did bring the girls some popcorn...which made him slightly less annoying.
Bunkbeds were a No on my list from the start, but when Shi saw one she said "I could sleep up there....but I'm gonna get scared!" lol
They also make loft beds which are slightly lower...still a No.
Then I checked out trundle beds. Ha!
Shi immediately said "No, I don't want Vivi to sleep there I want her to sleep with me!" so apparently it's not close enough for her (I'd also be afraid she'd step on her sister)
and all I could see would be how often I'd have to pull the thing out to fetch pillows, blankets and toys that are going to get lost under there! ;-)

I love the idea of beds with storage underneath. Drawers and shelves and space-saving = awesome!
But I quickly realized another problem I had not foreseen at all.
"Shiloh? Can you climb up on this bed please?"
Grunting, popcorn spilling... "I can't get up there, Mom! I can't do it!"
Just finding which beds were low enough for her get in and out of safely, eliminated a lot of styles....especially with the added height of the pillowtop mattresses that are so popular and common these days.
She looked like a litttle Princess and the Pea perched on most of those beds! ;-)
So I told the girls "Well, we have to get going home now...Vivi needs to take her nap."
Vivi perked up "I can take a nap here!" and she started running around trying to choose which bed to nap in. LOL, silly kid!

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